Stress is caused by two things. Primarily it is down to whether you think situations around you are worthy of anxiety. And then it's down to how your body reacts to your thought processes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHLzZk8bGFg

Some stress boosts performance. Too much stress negatively impacts it. Take action now to reduce your and your employees' stress to the right level.

You and your people will be more happy and productive in both the short-term and the long-term.

In a perfect world, everyone would avoid stress and the harmful effect it has on their health. Here in the real world, stressful situations arise every day. The key to preserving your sanity and good health is to minimize the damage. Keep in mind these five easy ways to beat stress when it strikes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHLzZk8bGFg

Here are some Tips Beat Stress Everyday:

1.Eat Superfoods :
You're overwhelmed, overtired, and in desperate need of some mental and physical nourishment. You're stressed. What can you do beyond throwing in the towel and hiding under the covers? Thankfully, you can relieve stress by eating certain foods and avoiding others like : Asparagus,Beef,Milk,Cottage Cheese and Fruit,Almonds,Blueberries,Tuna,Cornflakes or Crispy Rice Cereal,

2.Just breathe  :

It sounds too good to be true, but one of the best ways to beat a stressful situation is to take a moment and breathe. Close your eyes and clear your mind by focusing on several deep, slow breaths. Take note of your heart rate coming down and your thoughts quieting. Just a minute or two can calm your nerves.

3.Walk away

It is never a good idea to avoid a problem, but if you are experiencing physical symptoms of stress it can help to temporarily step away from the scene to calm down. Tell anyone else involved in the situation that you aren’t leaving, you just need a break to reorganize your thoughts. Give yourself the space you need, and take those deep breaths mentioned earlier. Stepping out into fresh, outdoor air will also help you cool off and get your emotions in check.

4.Find your happy place

When life is making you crazy, it can help to have a pastime that calms you and helps you feel in control. The best hobbies for stress relief require concentration, so your mind is focused somewhere other than on your problems. The most common are “busy-work” hobbies like knitting, whittling, or puzzles. But anything that you can do without pressure or interruption can help. If you don’t have an appropriate hobby yet, a great place to start is revisiting something you enjoyed doing by yourself as a child.

5.Work it out

Physical exercise can help you to beat stress in a couple of ways. First, working out allows you to blow off steam and work off all that pent up energy and frustration. Use your imagination to envision whatever action you are taking is beating back or stomping down your worries. Second, exercise strengthens your heart and floods your body with endorphins, leaving you better able to handle the rest of the day’s stress.

6.Phone a friend

Sometimes you just need to vent and get it all out. Having a healthy circle of friends to lean on and confide to provides a perfect outlet for stress. Even if you aren’t the complaining type, having a go-to friend who makes you laugh can do the trick.

Stress is an unavoidable obstacle in every life. It can also be a dangerous threat to your health and well being. These five tips should help you to beat stress and face each day’s challenges at your best.

Stress happens when we feel that we can't cope with pressure and this pressure comes in many shapes and forms, and triggers physiological responses. These changes are best described as the fight or flight response, a hard-wired reaction to perceived threats to our survival. When survival had meant facing immediate and real threats such as confronting a charging elephant, our response has saved lives.

So better to do this tips to help you out of the stress.


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