One of the most high priced bike in the world is no other than "Cannondale Mountain Bike" or better know as "Police bikes". This bike would be much lightweight and easy to manage compare than other Mountain Bikes out in the market. Racers and mountaineers loves this one of a kind bike with over millions of bikes lover are having this bikes on their houses. But Where to buy Cannondale Mountain Bike? Well, to tell you honestly I come across to Google just find out where are the places on earth are selling this kind of bike. Luckily, I found it easily from a website which has same title "Cannondale[dot]com". There are huge variety of Mountain Bikes in this place including Cannondale and other unpopular mountain bike. You can check that site any time you want.

If you haven't seen yet a Cannondale Mountain Bike. Just check it out.

Cannondale Mountain Bike
Cannondale Mountain Bike

Also check out the youtube video below:


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