Recently, the beautiful girl named Iliza Shlesinger was given an award by NBC as the "Last Comic Standing ". Iliza Shlesinger or popularly known as girl sharp tongue was talked on Howard Stern Show about her life on the road. These topics is all about her life as a winner, and of course some topics that are not suitable for young children.

Iliza Shlesinger


A 14 year old girl named Anamika Veeramani who recently won as the trophy as best speller this year 2010 in the National Spelling Bee contest that held in Washington, on Friday, June 4, 2010. Anamika Veeramani was nominated as the best speller out of the 272 best spellers from around the country and other countries such as Canada and Jamaica.

Anamika Veeramani


The famous character actors in his generation Richard Dunn dies at the age of 75. According to William Kerwin,Richard Dunn's agent said that Dunn was unconscious since Sunday May 29, 2010 and didn’t know the cause of death. After a while. Heidecker dunn's friend tweeted on his twitter account saying: Richard Dunn will have his final resting place at Hollywood Forever Cementery.

Richard Dunn


What happened to the undertaker? These are the words booms the Google search today. Some other people say the "the under taker is dead" and others are not. Well, to tell you honestly my WWE idol is not dead. He's out of his career for a while because he's suffered from injury.

the undertaker


Is The Undertaker dead?
Is The Undertaker dead? This rumor is widely spread in the Internet. What was the real story behind this issue? Well, to tell you honestly he's not dead. He's out for the moment because he's suffered from a broken orbital bone, broken nose and concussion. And perhaps., there's no official news "The dead man" or "The Undertaker" is really dead.

Also check his last fightt:


Is the legendary basketball coach John Wooden dead?. Well this are the words that are rapidly wide spread in the internet. But. to tell you honestly this is only a rumors. No one could ever tell the he's really dead. But as far as I've know he only bring to the hospital because he refused to eat for the past couple of days and now he's in the gravely condition.

Align CenterJohn Wooden


One of the most high priced bike in the world is no other than "Cannondale Mountain Bike" or better know as "Police bikes". This bike would be much lightweight and easy to manage compare than other Mountain Bikes out in the market. Racers and mountaineers loves this one of a kind bike with over millions of bikes lover are having this bikes on their houses. But Where to buy Cannondale Mountain Bike? Well, to tell you honestly I come across to Google just find out where are the places on earth are selling this kind of bike. Luckily, I found it easily from a website which has same title "Cannondale[dot]com". There are huge variety of Mountain Bikes in this place including Cannondale and other unpopular mountain bike. You can check that site any time you want.

If you haven't seen yet a Cannondale Mountain Bike. Just check it out.

Cannondale Mountain Bike
Cannondale Mountain Bike

Also check out the youtube video below:


Debralee Lorenzana fired
This might be a one of a kind story that you ever heard. A 33 years old super sexy and beautiful woman name Debralee Lorenzana has been fired from her day time job in Citibank Corporation because of being too hot and super sexy figure. Just imagine that. Well, truly I can't imagine that this super sexy girl was fire out because of that story.

Here's what the bank says:

Debralee Lorenzana attracts the attention of the other male workers form their work due to her hot dressing, skin show and strong sex appeal.


If you're asking what was the release time of Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence map pack. Then, you've come to right place. Later this afternoon, the person named Robert Bowling drop a short message on his Twitter account saying to everyone that the map pack is now being prepared for public release . He also stated that it will only a few hours from now to reach by all the gamer out there. This map pack will be available at exactly 3PM UK time or 12pm (ET)

Modern Warfare 2  Resurgence map pack release timeModern Warfare 2 Resurgence map pack


The person who signaled safe during the game despite the fact that replays showed "not safe" is no other than "Jim Joyce". But later on, he apologized to Armando Gallarga in person

Jim Joyce Jim Joyce


A popular porn actor named Steven Hill better known as Steve Driver kills his co-worker using a “machete-style” and two others are wounded. Steven Hill worked in Ultima DVD Inc in Los Angeles. The victim found inside the business establishment and identified as Tom Dong.

Steven HillSteven Hill


One of the most talked crime today in the Internet is about a 22 year old Joran van der Sloot arrested in killing a 21 year old young woman. According to NECN Joran van der Sloot is the prime suspect in killing Stephany Flores in her hotel room.

Joran van der Sloot


A 22 year old Dutch citizen Joran van der Sloot was arrested for the killing of a 21-year-old woman named Stephany Flores. The 21 year old Stephany Flores a daughter of a Peruvian businessman was found dead in a bloody hotel room in Lima.

Catch out the exclusive news released by NECN:


UFC 115
Did you know that millions of UFC fans all over the world didn't know the fight schedule UFC 115? Well, of course that's not true because no one would forget this biggest event of the year(the fight between Liddell vs Franklin). This event will take place in the City of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada at General Motors Place on Saturday, June 12 at exactly 10PM ET/7PM PT live ob Pay-per-view.

So, what are you waiting? Marked your calendar now before its too late.


UFC 115 poster
Are you looking for the list of UFC 115 Fight Cards that will be held this coming June 12, 2010 at Vancouver Canada? If you said yes! Then you've come to the right place.

Check out the list of match ups that I gathered from from UFC:

Main card

Light Heavyweight bout: Chuck Liddell vs. United States Rich Franklin
Heavyweight bout: Croatia Mirko Filipović vs. United States Patrick Barry
Welterweight bout: Brazil Paulo Thiago vs. Denmark Martin Kampmann
Heavyweight bout: United States Ben Rothwell vs. Netherlands Gilbert Yvel
Welterweight bout: United States Carlos Condit vs. Canada Rory MacDonald

Preliminary card (Spike TV)

Lightweight bout: United States Tyson Griffin vs. United States Evan Dunham
Lightweight bout: United States Mac Danzig vs. United States Matt Wiman

Preliminary card

Middleweight bout: Canada David Loiseau vs. Brazil Mario Miranda
Welterweight bout: England James Wilks vs. Germany Peter Sobotta
Welterweight bout: Brazil Ricardo Funch vs. Canada Claude Patrick
Welterweight bout: United States Mike Pyle vs. United States Jesse Lennox

Sammy Feliciano