CyberSearch 2.0.4
If you are addicted in searching important topics via google search engine, then why not try this new yet powerful firefox add-ons the: CyberSearch 2.0.4.

What's new with this firefox add-ons?

It Adds advanced Google Search capabilities to the Firefox 3 address bar. Supercharge the "Awesome Bar" with instant search results that appear as you type!

Perform Google searches and see results right from the Firefox 3 address bar. You can search Google Web, Local, Videos, Blogs, News, Books, Images, and Patents. Plus you can restrict some types of Google searches to specific sites!

The extension includes a fully customizable keyword system, and search results can be intermingled with the normal history/bookmarks results that are displayed in the address bar. Here's an overview of the features it includes (visit the homepage for more details):

- Supports multiple Google Services
- Smart & customizable keywords
- Restrict searches to a site
- Automatic & custom icons on a per-keyword basis
- Retrieve multiple pages of results
- Doesn’t interfere with existing Firefox keywords
- Import keywords from the search box

This extension includes the functionality from the Edit Middle add-on, and we recommend removing Edit Middle if you choose to install CyberSearch.

Sammy Feliciano