Call of Duty Modern Warfadre 2

The much awaited Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 console game has been finally released into public. Infinity Ward the game developer of COD Modern Warfare 2 is truly done a remarkable PS3 and Xbox360 game for this year 2009. Way back to the month of February 2009 as they officially announced the game was released worldwide on November 10, 2009. It is the sixth installment of the Call of Duty series, and the direct sequel to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, continuing along the same storyline. After 9 months of waiting; finally this game was released without delayed. I'm pretty sure that PS3 and Xbox36 owners is really excited to have a copy of this game.

Riding a snowmobile in "Cliffhanger"
Modern Warfare 2 is set five years after the conclusion of Call of Duty 4. Despite the efforts of the Marines and the SAS, the Ultranationalists seize control of Russia and declare Zakhaev a hero and martyr. Meanwhile, Vladimir Makarov, one of Zakhaev's former lieutenants, begins a reign of terror against Europe by staging numerous terror attacks.

The game begins in Afghanistan, where US Army Ranger Private Allen helps take an Afghan city from an army of militants. Impressed, General Shepherd recruits Allen as a CIA operative and places him in Makarov's organization as an undercover operative. Meanwhile, Soap and Roach infiltrate a Russian airbase to recover a lost ACS module. Makarov, however, is one step ahead; he kills Allen, exposes his identity as an American, and turns him into a scapegoat for a brutal terrorist attack on a Russian airport.

Angered by what they believe is an American-supported terrorist attack, Russia stages a surprise invasion of the United States East Coast. Private Ramirez and the US Army Rangers are called upon to defend Washington D.C. from the Russian attack. Meanwhile, Task Force 141 works on taking down Makarov. They go to Rio de Janeiro to chase leads on Makarov's contacts, but these turn out to be dead ends. As a result, Soap decides to rescue one of Makarov's most hated enemies from a Russian prison and use him as bait to draw him out. With assistance from the SEALS and Marines, Task Force 141 manages to free the prisoner, who is revealed to be Price. Price agrees to help them track down Makarov, but knows they must do something extreme to end the war. He temporarily goes rogue, hijacks a Russian nuclear submarine, and launches an ICBM at Washington D.C. However, Price rigs the warhead to explode in the upper atmosphere, which destroys the International Space Station but spares Washington. The resulting electromagnetic pulse cripples both the US and Russian forces in the city. Later, Ramirez and his squad discover that the Air Force will assume that D.C. is lost and carpet bomb the city. The only way to abort the operation is to set off green flares on the roof of the White House, which is under Russian control. Ramirez and his squad fight their way to the roof the building and manage to set off their flares in the nick of time, while green flares on the roofs of other D.C. landmarks signifies that the city remains firmly in American hands.

Even with the current conflict over, Makarov is still on the loose. Narrowing down his hiding place to two separate locations, Task Force 141 decides to split up. Soap and Price go to the boneyards (in eastern Afghanistan), whilst Roach and Ghost raid Makarov's safehouse (in the Russian wilderness). The latter obtain vital intelligence to put an end to him for good. However, General Shepherd betrays them and kills both Ghost and Roach. He intends to take advantage of the global crisis to turn himself into a global hero as well as write history how he sees fit. Price and Soap manage to escape Shepherd's ambush and they decide to take revenge on him in one final, bloody suicide mission (with coordinates given by Makarov, ironically). After a brutal fist-fight, Soap manages to kill Shepherd, but he and Price are seriously wounded in the process. Nikolai then arrives to extract them. Price warns Nikolai that they will be international fugitives for what they've done, but Nikolai insists he knows a safe place to take them.


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