Today, MSI launched their new model of gaming laptop the: MSI GT640. The new MSI GT640 Laptop comes with these high level specification: 17-inch widescreen display, Intel i7 720QM processor, up to an Nvidia GeForce 250M graphics card, 4GB of DDR3 RAM, a 640GB hard drive and a Blu-ray drive. Well, if you are asking me how much is this MSI GT640? Well, its only £1,399. You can buy this laptop in any online store such as, Amazon and Ebay.


If you are looking for Windows 7 tricks on how to create Sticky Notes in front of your desktop, then this one's for you.

Just follow these steps carefully:

Step 1: Goto run>
Step 2: Type sticky, then hit enter( You'll immediately see a new note)
Step 3. Start typing whatever it is you need to remember.
Step 4: If you need to type another note just click the (+)plus sign, then if you would like to delete your note-- just press (X) at the opposite corner.

How to create Sticky Notes in Windows 7?


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According to the reports on Tuesday by McAfee. All major countries and nation-states including US, Israel, Russia, China and France are engaged in a "Cyber Cold War", gather together to use "cyber weapons."

"We don't believe we've seen cases of cyber warfare," said Dmitri Alperovitch, vice president of threat research at McAfee. "Nations have been reluctant to use those capabilities because of the likelihood that [a big cyberattack] could do harm to their own country. The world is so interconnected these days."


On Friday, Microsoft Incorporated announced that its inquiry confirms that the new download tool aimed to make it easier to load Windows 7 on a netbook machine contain open-source code.

"After looking at the code in question, we are now able to confirm this was indeed the case, although it was not intentional on our part," Microsoft's Peter Galli said in a blog posting. "While we had contracted with a third party to create the tool, we share responsibility as we did not catch it as part of our code review process. We have furthermore conducted a review of other code provided through the Microsoft Store and this was the only incident of this sort we could find."


The localization of the beta version Bing in UK has been officially launched on Friday November 13, 2008. Having a beta version of bing in UK will allow users to search through UK-specific results. The site is also optimised to direct users to UK e-commerce sites, with price comparisons provided through a deal with Ciao UK.


Yes! The integration between two dominant engine Bing and Wolfram Alpha had been officially proclaimed. As they stated on Microsoft blog on Wednesday-- the three topic areas Bing will use Wolfram Alpha for are queries about the nutritional values of foodstuffs, body mass index calculations and mathematical computation.

"Wolfram Alpha's knowledge, computed from expertly curated data, will enrich Bing's results in select areas across nutrition, health and advanced mathematics," said Porter. "By using our API, Bing will be able to seamlessly access the tens of thousands of algorithms and trillions of pieces of data from Wolfram Alpha, and directly incorporate the computations in its search results."


I come across the Internet to collect all the best pet gadgets ever made around the world.

Check-out what I got;

Furry fashions
Bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase 'doggy style', the anti-fog, UV-resistant Doggles, £16, should help preserve the anonymity of celebrity canines after a big night out. Firebox's hilarious Humunga Stache, £10, on the other paw, promises to turn even the most bashful bulldog into the most popular pooch at the park.

Life cams
Has Fido been barking up the wrong tree? Or perhaps he's wasting the day playing poker with his pals? Find out with Pet's Eye View, £35, a collar-mounted life-cam that automatically snaps VGA-sized photos every five, ten or 15 minutes. You'll only fit 40 images on the internal memory but the Pet's Eye View is (mostly) water- and chew-proof, has an LED flash and uses USB for downloading pics and recharging its lithium-ion battery.

Nothing is more tedious than personally interacting with your pet, but until they invent miniature virtual reality specs with tiny digital mice and simulated Frisbees, you're stuck with it. The Frolicat Bolt, £20, at least removes any actual physical effort, beaming a high-speed laser dot on floors or walls in random swoops to keep your cat fascinated. Similarly, what dog will seek attention from a sofa-bound owner when it can chase the massive, chicken-flavoured bubbles emitted by the wonderfully named Jumbubbler, £20, instead?

Speech therapy for birds
If Polly really wants a cracker, she'll have to improve her diction. And say please. Now you can take the drudgery out of endlessly repeating the same phrase to your avian friends with the Mirror-Mate recordable bird-training mirror, £7. The mirror records a 10-second audio snippet, then repeats it over and over again until your budgie finally learns to talk along, or until you are driven insane and smash it repeatedly against the bars screaming, "I'm a pretty boy! I'm a pretty boy!"

Four legs bad, four wheels good
There comes a time in every hamster's life when it yearns to explore the world beyond chewed up toilet-roll tubes and yesterday's Metro. Celebrate your pet's adolescence with the Critter Cruiser, £20, a single-seater plastic sports car that gives it the freedom of the open carpet. More rebellious rodents may prefer the Harley-alike Chopper, £13, but don't come complaining to us if he knocks up some easily impressed country gerbil and you end up with 184 illegitimate offspring to support.

Genetic art-gineering
Of course you think your gently slobbering ferret or scaly iguana are works of art, but what if they really could hang on a gallery wall for others to admire? Without attracting the attention of the RSPCA that is. Genetic analysis is now so affordable you can have your individual pet's DNA decoded visually and turned into a 'beautiful' abstract portrait for about the same price as, er, a new animal. The DNA 11 Pet Portrait, £125, can be generated from a simple cheek swab of almost any species -- or even from some old hair clippings if your pet has already joined Lassie and Bubbles in the great gallery in the sky.

The Persian always rings twice
In a world ruled by cats, every home would come pre-fitted with a pressure-sensitive Wireless Door Bell Mat, £50, that rings the doorbell when Tiddles wants her sardine supper. Here's a slightly more stylish paw-shaped Pet Chime doorbell for dogs, £25, that generates a digital bark when Rover is ready to return. But wait just a minute! Do you really need an artificial woof when most dogs already come with one built-in?

Hot or not dog
Dogs die in hot cars! Or they did until Hot Dog came along. For a mere £300, you can install this sophisticated temperature monitoring system in your car. When the mercury reaches a pre-set temperature, Hot Dog will lower two windows, sound the horn, flash the lights and even activate a 'pager' (eh?) to alert you to your dehydrating doggies. Or alternatively, you could just not leave your dog in a sealed car on warm days. You know, whatever's easier. There's more thermal tomfoolery with the Komfort Pets Carrier, £100, a climate-controlled pet box that automatically heats or ventilates itself to keep your pets at the perfect temperature.

Hot or not dog
Dogs die in hot cars! Or they did until Hot Dog came along. For a mere £300, you can install this sophisticated temperature monitoring system in your car. When the mercury reaches a pre-set temperature, Hot Dog will lower two windows, sound the horn, flash the lights and even activate a 'pager' (eh?) to alert you to your dehydrating doggies. Or alternatively, you could just not leave your dog in a sealed car on warm days. You know, whatever's easier. There's more thermal tomfoolery with the Komfort Pets Carrier, £100, a climate-controlled pet box that automatically heats or ventilates itself to keep your pets at the perfect temperature.

Pet Emergency Evacuation Jacket.
If the worst should happen and the plague of zombies threatens to overwhelm you, you'll be glad you invested £300 in a Pet Emergency Evacuation Jacket. Constructed from Japan Firefighting Association-certified flame-retardant material, the jacket is a veritable utility belt, stuffed with energy bars, an emergency whistle, a muzzle, a mini radio, rubber dog booties and, of course, aromatic oils for calming panic.

Global Pet System
Disney's lost-pet classic The Incredible Journey would be much different these days. For a start, Zoombak, $100 (US only), allows frantic owners to simply log in to a Web site and pinpoint their misplaced mongrels and moggies via the power of A-GPS. Movie over in ten minutes, let's all go to the pub. But wait! The soon to be released Pet Cell will go one step further, incorporating a mobile phone for instant communication with anyone finding your pets.

And even if you don't lose your animals, it can be nice to see what they've been up to. CatTrack 1, £40, is a matchbox-sized GPS tracker that logs up 64,000 waypoints in your pet's peregrinations, taking position fixes every 30 seconds for up to 30 hours before its rechargeable battery runs down.

Don't get the hump
Those hot-blooded Parisians! While they're out philandering with their mistresses over a cup of espresso and a pack of Gitanes, their chiens can be enjoying the pleasures of the boudoir with the world's first canine sex toy -- Hot Doll, £400. The French-made 'animal companion' has 'no-slide' legs for stability and is made from silicone and high-density polyurethane for durability and easy cleaning. The Web site's well worth a visit, if only to read warnings that this designer toy is definitely not man's best friend: "Hot Doll is reserved exclusively for dogs."

Full Story: http://crave.cnet.co.uk/gadgets/0,39029552,49304031,00.htm


On Wednesday November 11, 2009 Microsoft Corporation has been announced that they are looking into a report of a vulnerability in Windows 7 and Server 2008 Release 2, which could be used by an attacker to remotely crash a computer machine. According to the spoke person of Microsoft there's a possible exploit that result of denial-of-service vulnerability in Windows Server Message Block (SMB) that ruin the computer program.

The bug triggers an infinite loop on the SMB protocol used for sharing files in Windows, researcher Laurent GaffiƩ wrote in a post on the Full Disclosure mailing list and on a his blog.


Call of Duty Modern Warfadre 2

The much awaited Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 console game has been finally released into public. Infinity Ward the game developer of COD Modern Warfare 2 is truly done a remarkable PS3 and Xbox360 game for this year 2009. Way back to the month of February 2009 as they officially announced the game was released worldwide on November 10, 2009. It is the sixth installment of the Call of Duty series, and the direct sequel to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, continuing along the same storyline. After 9 months of waiting; finally this game was released without delayed. I'm pretty sure that PS3 and Xbox36 owners is really excited to have a copy of this game.

Riding a snowmobile in "Cliffhanger"
Modern Warfare 2 is set five years after the conclusion of Call of Duty 4. Despite the efforts of the Marines and the SAS, the Ultranationalists seize control of Russia and declare Zakhaev a hero and martyr. Meanwhile, Vladimir Makarov, one of Zakhaev's former lieutenants, begins a reign of terror against Europe by staging numerous terror attacks.

The game begins in Afghanistan, where US Army Ranger Private Allen helps take an Afghan city from an army of militants. Impressed, General Shepherd recruits Allen as a CIA operative and places him in Makarov's organization as an undercover operative. Meanwhile, Soap and Roach infiltrate a Russian airbase to recover a lost ACS module. Makarov, however, is one step ahead; he kills Allen, exposes his identity as an American, and turns him into a scapegoat for a brutal terrorist attack on a Russian airport.

Angered by what they believe is an American-supported terrorist attack, Russia stages a surprise invasion of the United States East Coast. Private Ramirez and the US Army Rangers are called upon to defend Washington D.C. from the Russian attack. Meanwhile, Task Force 141 works on taking down Makarov. They go to Rio de Janeiro to chase leads on Makarov's contacts, but these turn out to be dead ends. As a result, Soap decides to rescue one of Makarov's most hated enemies from a Russian prison and use him as bait to draw him out. With assistance from the SEALS and Marines, Task Force 141 manages to free the prisoner, who is revealed to be Price. Price agrees to help them track down Makarov, but knows they must do something extreme to end the war. He temporarily goes rogue, hijacks a Russian nuclear submarine, and launches an ICBM at Washington D.C. However, Price rigs the warhead to explode in the upper atmosphere, which destroys the International Space Station but spares Washington. The resulting electromagnetic pulse cripples both the US and Russian forces in the city. Later, Ramirez and his squad discover that the Air Force will assume that D.C. is lost and carpet bomb the city. The only way to abort the operation is to set off green flares on the roof of the White House, which is under Russian control. Ramirez and his squad fight their way to the roof the building and manage to set off their flares in the nick of time, while green flares on the roofs of other D.C. landmarks signifies that the city remains firmly in American hands.

Even with the current conflict over, Makarov is still on the loose. Narrowing down his hiding place to two separate locations, Task Force 141 decides to split up. Soap and Price go to the boneyards (in eastern Afghanistan), whilst Roach and Ghost raid Makarov's safehouse (in the Russian wilderness). The latter obtain vital intelligence to put an end to him for good. However, General Shepherd betrays them and kills both Ghost and Roach. He intends to take advantage of the global crisis to turn himself into a global hero as well as write history how he sees fit. Price and Soap manage to escape Shepherd's ambush and they decide to take revenge on him in one final, bloody suicide mission (with coordinates given by Makarov, ironically). After a brutal fist-fight, Soap manages to kill Shepherd, but he and Price are seriously wounded in the process. Nikolai then arrives to extract them. Price warns Nikolai that they will be international fugitives for what they've done, but Nikolai insists he knows a safe place to take them.


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Have you ever imagine how's really big the Data Center of Microsoft? Well, Why not take a look and see what's inside the Microsoft Data Center. This is an exterior view of the Chicago datacentre. If you will notice Microsoft is not looking to attract attention, there is no identification outside. Even on the inside, it's hard to tell whose facility it is, unless you look closely at a couple of art pieces that note they are from the company's collection.


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It's truly an outstanding achievement gets by Mozilla Firefox because in just 8 months they have gains 30 million users worldwide. They have seen an average increase of 10 million daily users, from approximately 103 million to 113 million. That translates to a total of approximately 330 million monthly users. Well, according to them Firefox has steadily gained market share since its launch, while the dominant browser, Internet Explorer, has gradually lost user numbers.

"We've seen a significant increase in the number of users for Firefox," said Nitot. "Firefox checks for new versions every 24 hours, when it's running, and when it checks, it pings the Mozilla server. We count the number of pings."

"It's amazing to have 330 million users," said Nitot. "That's the size of the population of the USA."

Sammy Feliciano