If you are looking for a message board that has wide variety of broadband discussions, then this one's for you: Ukbroadbandforum.co.uk. Early this morning when I tried to surf the net and went to UK Broadband Forum. I learned that there's one new and good Broadband Forum where can get tips and advice from different broadband consumers worldwide. UK Broadband Forum is a newly build message board running in Vbulletin forum software. Currently, it has 125 active members with more than 1,000 posts. This forum is divided into two different categories: Broadband Providers and Mobile Providers. Broadband Providers is a section where the member can discuss about different Broadband providers around the UK, such as AOL broadband, BT Broadband, Tiscali Broadband, Pipex Broadband, UK Online Broadband, Tesco Broadband, Demon Broadband, Be Broadband, Talk Talk Broadband, Toucan Broadband, Virgin Media Broadband, Sky Broadband, Orange Broadband, Madasafish Broadband and more. Mobile Providers is the second section where the members can discuss about the mobile Broadband providers in UK, such as 3 Mobile Broadband, T Mobile Broadband, Vodafone Mobile Broadband, Orange Mobile Broadband and O2 Mobile Broadband.

Another nice thing about UK Broadband Forum is that its very user friendly message board. All the topics that are posted in this forum will give you the chance to know honest review from other people about broadband provider offers in UK. The best move that you can do now is visit their website and signup to Ukbroadbandforum.co.uk (if you haven't done it already).Then, it will give you free access to the entire forums in this website.


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