Have you heard the word OpenACircle? If not! This article will explain the meaning of OpenACircle and its key benefit for our web-based social life. Early this afternoon, when I tried to surf the net and went to OpenACircle.com website. I learned that there’s one new and good website where you can find a better way to collaborate and meet people virtually anywhere. OpenACircle is a specialize tool which allows you to collaborate for teams which includes innovative screen-sharing and video conferencing features for instant collaboration with co-workers. At first glance you will notice that this website has been made professionally. Actually, I was so impressed on first time I registed and seen the environment of OpenACircle. Compare to other traditional website, such as GoToMeeting and WebEx the collaboration tool are separated into distinct categories. Unlike OpenACircle it is built-in with complete tools, including video and audio conferencing, desktop and file sharing, presentations, blogs, and more. That's not all! OpenACircle has made this website for free with 1 Gb storage, 3 collaboration, 20 Member per Circle and maximum of 10 Attendees per live meeting.

OpenACircle Dashboard

OpenACircle Live Room

Nowadays, OpenACircle has become popular in World Wide Web when it comes in online collaboration environment. I think that's because OpenACircle is unique in the web-based project/task management space where most competitors have just designed a lightweight version of SharePoint and offer it up as a service.

OpenACircle has several unique features, including:

  • The circle owner has the ability to delete the circle, any of its members or any shared content.
  • Can view their profiles, invite them to join circles and attend meetings, or instant message them; all with just one click.
  • Ideal place for your team to persistently collaborate and meet with multiple individuals, anywhere in the world.
  • All your data, meetings, messages and connections are integrated into one easy page
  • You can schedule a meeting for a specific date and time, or click the “Meet Now” button and selected connections will be asked to join on the fly
  • Collection of all the files that are a part of a circle.

Upon registration you will required to install JRE environment on your Pc. Currently, OpenACircle does not work on MAC. It is suggested that you are using Windows OS platform with at least latest version of Internet Explorer or Mozilla firefox browser will good enough.

Premium and Pro Packages will be open soon. Every Premium member will get 10 Gb storage, 10 collaboration, 50 Member per Circle and maximum of 25 Attendees per live meeting. And for Pro member will get 50 Gb storage, 50 collaboration, 500 Member per Circle and maximum of 50 Attendees per live meeting.


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