Introducing the new Sony PSP Go, now comes with unique and powerful features. Yes! Almost a month ahead of its launch in the UK, Sony surprised me their new PSP Go (the UMD-less addition to the PlayStation Portable family). I was really surprise when I saw the new looks of Sony PSP Go game console; I wish I could have the new Sony PSP Go this coming December 2009.

Sony PSP Go

So what's new with Sony PSP Go:
  • It's smaller than the current PSP 3000
  • It has slide out from underneath, and the result is a system more suitable to be carried in a trouser pocket.
  • The screen's smaller too 97mm (3.8 inches) compared to 109mm (4.3 inches) on previous PSPs
  • It still runs at 480x272 pixels
  • 802.11b Wi-Fi
  • 16 Gb internal memory

In addition, Sony PSP Go is worth of £230 each unit. The more compact design is a feature worth paying for, as is perhaps the addition of stereo Bluetooth (which works really well) and the state-saving feature. I guess the majority of PSP 3000 owners will want to rush out to cough up the required poundage for an upgrade.


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