Skyfire gets more streamlined and several issues are being fixed. Unfortunately the Hulu issue - Hulu blocks Skyfire now also for users connecting from USA - has not been resolved, but probably it is beyond control of Skyfire makers... Since our Skyfire 1.0 launch, we’ve fixed a few bugs and are releasing this new update.
The release versions are:
  • for Symbian
  • for Windows Mobile touch and non-touch
What’s new in this 1.0 update?
  • Reduced Memory footprint. We reduced the memory footprint of Skyfire for both Symbian and Windows Mobile devices. This should help folks reporting issues on memory constrained devices.
Fixes in this release
  • History is presented in the proper order.
  • Cookies in the UK data center are handled more reliably.
  • Sharing links via SMS are handled more reliably.
  • Reconnect correctly loads the last page in history plus we’ve improved reliability.
  • Site specific issues have been resolved for Rooftopcommedy.com and thefind.com.
  • Zoom buttons behave properly and disappear after a couple of seconds.
  • Default browser setting works more consistently.

So if you want upgrade today, all you need is visit their website http://get.skyfire.com using your device.


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