If we talked about Goldilocks, there’s only one cake that I remember. The delicious and mouthwatering “Sans Rival Cake” made by Goldilocks it is very yummy layered dessert, each layer is topped with a nice amount of icing like filling and cashews on top.

Actually my Wife and I have a Sweetest and unforgettable story about Sans Rival Cake which is product by Goldilocks. So Today, I will share to you our breathtaking and unforgettable experience about this cake. The story began on December 23, 2008 and that time were at the lover stage, on that day we went on SM South Mall Supermarket, while walking at the mall my wife saw a Goldilocks Store and then her attention are stole by a cake, she doesn’t talked to me that time and I noticed that here two eyes are being sticky while looking with Sans Rival Cake, I ask hey mama “This is how we call each other MAMA and PAPA” what’s happening to you, you doesn’t even talked to me and you looks like a mannequin. She said I like to eat that cake, and then I ask her which cake? She’s pointing her finger and then she said “that one, that one..,” I said which one of them, there’s many cake’s, so which one them, at the middle of our conversation we decide to go near at the Cake’s Showcase see what’s the name of that cake. We learned that the name of that cake was “Sans Rival” and then after that I rushed to the Cashier desk and buy Sans Rival Cake. But I’m still wondering and manage after buying the said product, I ask my “My Wife” is anything bothering you? She said “Papa I have something to tell you so please don’t abrupt” So I reply sure just go ahead, she said “Papa I’m pregnant”, on that time I feel my heart will explode just because of Happiness, I can’t really explain how Happy I am after I heard that I’m going to be a father. During her pregnancy, every weekend when I came from my job I often buy her favorite cake from Goldilocks store near at our office. I’m so very happy to see her, because every time she saw me handling the plastic bag with Sans Rival Cake inside of it, guess what? She’s look like a child who’s very excited to eat her favorite ice cream, imagine that! My life together with my wife is very colorful, our love for each other won’t break by Typhoon or Hurricane and that love will last forever. This coming July 27, 2009 actually this is my especial day because my wife will be giving birth for our first child, we haven’t knew yet the gender of our baby because on the first time we’ve went to the hospital, the gender of our baby won’t appeared clearly to their Ultra Sound Machine on that time my wife is on six months pregnant, they said we have to wait for another two months to see the gender of our baby. So, today I have no plan to bring my wife again to the hospital for her second Ultra Sound, perhaps all I want is a surprise it doesn’t matter if our baby is boy or girl, the very important is we’ve already reserved a name for a baby girl and baby boy.. And hopefully our baby won’t look like Sans Rival Cake, hehehe I just kidding.

I also attached some photos of my wife together with me, which show's our happiest moment together while eating her favorite Sans Rival Cake.

"That's my Wife"

"Say cheeze"

"Oh!, so yummy"

"It's Me"

For me, "You're the 1 Goldilocks, because you always bring a wonderful smile to my wife every time I saw her face."

This is the ending of our sweetest and unforgettable story with Sans Rival Cake. Thank you very much to all of you dear, readers for your time to read our story.

Have a nice day!

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pahingi naman.

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c'eSt la vie said... @ June 10, 2009 at 6:04 PM

sweet nYu naman...



Club Tourists and Co. said... @ June 24, 2009 at 10:33 PM

Goldilocks or Nothing! :)

Club Tourists blogs Goldilocks

Berryblitz said... @ July 4, 2009 at 12:59 AM

hindi ko pa natitikman ang sans rival!!! maya punta ako ng sm, buy nga ako nyan hehehhe and syempre sago gulaman, my fav!

here's my entry:

PinkNote said... @ July 13, 2009 at 1:50 AM

ang sweet nyong mag-asawa..=) i bet super excited na kayo sa baby nyo..^^

posted mine too,at last!=)


Goodluck to us all!

Sammy Feliciano said... @ July 13, 2009 at 3:12 AM

@Berryblitz Sigurado ako magugustuhan mo yung Sans Rival.

@PinkNote; Yup totoo yan very excited na kami dalawa sa baby, ang totoo nyan ngayong week na siya manganganak.

Good luck satin lahat sa contest. See you around.

Berryblitz said... @ July 13, 2009 at 3:17 AM

ang natikman ko pa lang is yung sa Minute Burger hehehe, and I think masasarapan ako sa sansrival ng Goldilocks

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