When we talk about web directories it simply means a number websites that has ability to list links to any home pages in alphabetical order or in other words it’s a directory on the World Wide Web (WWW). Web directories are not a search engine and does not display lists of web pages based on keywords instead, it lists web sites by category and subcategory. Each has a unique process for being part of the results or directory listing and each has a different way of sorting and listing domain names.

Search engines and Web directories are the most important on-line marketing channel. However, most website owners and online marketers is top priority to become listed in many web directories maybe because from here they will get financial gain and other benefits. Another well-known directory is the business web directory. A business web directory should have a variety of websites listed on it. Unlike with other web directories, a business directory won’t allow accepting website links which has similarity to avoid such disappointments.

One of the most common web directories around the globe is the Yahoo! Directory. The Yahoo! Directory is a web directory which rivals the Open Directory Project in size. The Yahoo! Directory offers two options for suggesting websites for possible listing "Standard", which is free, and a paid submission process that offers expedited review. Payment is required when suggesting a commercial site. That’s not all! There are also other online business directories resources such as the Open Directory Project (ODP) also known as DMOZ. Open Directory Project is significant due to its extensive categorization and large number of listings and its free availability for use by other directories and search engines. Another is Business.com , one of top popular business web directory. Business.com website is the leading business search engine and directory and pay-per-click advertising network serving more than 40 million unique business users and thousands of advertisers every month.

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Are you interested in learning How to Choose a Great Domain Name? If you are, well this article is really good for you. Choosing a domain name for your site is one of the most important steps towards creating the perfect internet presence. If you run an on-line business, picking a name that will be marketable and achieve success in search engine placement is paramount. Many factors must be considered when choosing a good domain name.

Before you get started I have here some pointers to remember before building you own website and choosing a good domain name.

1. Short and Sweet - Domain names can be really long or really short (1 - 67 characters). In general, it is far better to choose a domain name that is short in length. The shorter your domain name, the easier it will be for people remember.

If your site is long and difficult to pronounce, people will not remember the name of the site and unless they bookmark the link, they may never return.

2. Choose a top level domain name - There are many top level domain names available today including .com, .net, .org, and .biz , But I bet you, choose the domain name .com and .net because this kind of domain was very popular nowadays and even before.

3. One word is better than three words – If you have an idea of website name which came up in your mind like the words for example; Technology, Tips & tricks and you think these words best fits to your website. All I can suggest is find a better way to make those three words into one. You can jumble those words and remove all the unnecessary letters that is not needed until you discover a better name for your website like these names “Technotrixs” and “Techtips”.


The Internet is a computer network made up of thousands of networks worldwide. No one knows exactly how many computers are connected to the Internet. It is certain, however, that these number in the millions.N o one is in charge of the Internet. There are organizations which develop technical aspects of this network and set standards for creating applications on it, but no governing body is in control. The Internet backbone, through which Internet traffic flows, is owned by private companies. All computers on the Internet communicate with one another using the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol suite, abbreviated to TCP/IP. Computers on the Internet use a client/server architecture. This means that the remote server machine provides files and services to the user's local client machine. Software can be installed on a client computer to take advantage of the latest access technology.

An Internet user has access to a wide variety of services: electronic mail, file transfer, vast information resources, interest group membership, interactive collaboration, multimedia displays, real-time broadcasting, shopping opportunities, breaking news, and much more.

The Internet consists primarily of a variety of access protocols. Many of these protocols feature programs that allow users to search for and retrieve material made available by the protocol.



- The World Wide Web (abbreviated as the Web or WWW) is a system of Internet servers that supports hypertext to access several Internet protocols on a single interface. Almost every protocol type available on the Internet is accessible on the Web. This includes e-mail, FTP, Telnet, and Usenet News. In addition to these, the World Wide Web has its own protocol: HyperText Transfer Protocol, or HTTP. These protocols will be explained later in this document.

The World Wide Web provides a single interface for accessing all these protocols. This creates a convenient and user-friendly environment. It is no longer necessary to be conversant in these protocols within separate, command-level environments. The Web gathers together these protocols into a single system. Because of this feature, and because of the Web's ability to work with multimedia and advanced programming languages, the Web is the fastest-growing component of the Internet.

The operation of the Web relies primarily on hypertext as its means of information retrieval. HyperText is a document containing words that connect to other documents. These words are called links and are selectable by the user. A single hypertext document can contain links to many documents. In the context of the Web, words or graphics may serve as links to other documents, images, video, and sound. Links may or may not follow a logical path, as each connection is programmed by the creator of the source document. Overall, the Web contains a complex virtual web of connections among a vast number of documents, graphics, videos, and sounds.

Producing hypertext for the Web is accomplished by creating documents with a language called HyperText Markup Language, or HTML. With HTML, tags are placed within the text to accomplish document formatting, visual features such as font size, italics and bold, and the creation of hypertext links. Graphics and multimedia may also be incorporated into an HTML document. HTML is an evolving language, with new tags being added as each upgrade of the language is developed and released. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), led by Web founder Tim Berners-Lee, coordinates the efforts of standardizing HTML. The W3C now calls the language XHTML and considers it to be an application of the XML language standard.

The World Wide Web consists of files, called pages or home pages, containing links to documents and resources throughout the Internet.

The Web provides a vast array of experiences including multimedia presentations, real-time collaboration, interactive pages, radio and television broadcasts, and the automatic "push" of information to a client computer. Programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, Visual Basic, Cold Fusion and XML are extending the capabilities of the Web. A growing amount of information on the Web is served dynamically from content stored in databases. The Web is therefore not a fixed entity, but one that is in a constant state of development and flux.


-Electronic mail, or e-mail, allows computer users locally and worldwide to exchange messages. Each user of e-mail has a mailbox address to which messages are sent. Messages sent through e-mail can arrive within a matter of seconds.

A powerful aspect of e-mail is the option to send electronic files to a person's e-mail address. Non-ASCII files, known as binary files, may be attached to e-mail messages. These files are referred to as MIME attachments.MIME stands for Multimedia Internet Mail Extension, and was developed to help e-mail software handle a variety of file types. For example, a document created in Microsoft Word can be attached to an e-mail message and retrieved by the recipient with the appropriate e-mail program. Many e-mail programs, including Eudora, Netscape Messenger, and Microsoft Outlook, offer the ability to read files written in HTML, which is itself a MIME type.


-Telnet is a program that allows you to log into computers on the Internet and use online databases, library catalogs, chat services, and more. There are no graphics in Telnet sessions, just text. To Telnet to a computer, you must know its address. This can consist of words (locis.loc.gov) or numbers ( Some services require you to connect to a specific port on the remote computer. In this case, type the port number after the Internet address. Example: telnet nri.reston.va.us 185.

Telnet is available on the World Wide Web. Probably the most common Web-based resources available through Telnet have been library catalogs, though most catalogs have since migrated to the Web. A link to a Telnet resource may look like any other link, but it will launch a Telnet session to make the connection. A Telnet program must be installed on your local computer and configured to your Web browser in order to work.

With the increasing popularity of the Web, Telnet has become less frequently used as a means of access to information on the Internet.

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. This is both a program and the method used to transfer files between computers. Anonymous FTP is an option that allows users to transfer files from thousands of host computers on the Internet to their personal computer account. FTP sites contain books, articles, software, games, images, sounds, multimedia, course work, data sets, and more.

If your computer is directly connected to the Internet via an Ethernet cable, you can use one of several PC software programs, such as WS_FTP for Windows, to conduct a file transfer.

FTP transfers can be performed on the World Wide Web without the need for special software. In this case, the Web browser will suffice. Whenever you download software from a Web site to your local machine, you are using FTP. You can also retrieve FTP files via search engines such as FtpFind, located at /http://www.ftpfind.com/. This option is easiest because you do not need to know FTP program commands.

One of the benefits of the Internet is the opportunity it offers to people worldwide to communicate via e-mail. The Internet is home to a large community of individuals who carry out active discussions organized around topic-oriented forums distributed by e-mail. These are administered by software programs. Probably the most common program is the listserv.

A great variety of topics are covered by listservs, many of them academic in nature. When you subscribe to a listserv, messages from other subscribers are automatically sent to your electronic mailbox. You subscribe to a listserv by sending an e-mail message to a computer program called a listserver. Listservers are located on computer networks throughout the world. This program handles subscription information and distributes messages to and from subscribers. You must have a e-mail account to participate in a listserv discussion group. Visit Tile.net at /http://tile.net/ to see an example of a site that offers a searchablecollection of e-mail discussion groups.

Majordomo and Listproc are two other programs that administer e-mail discussion groups. The commands for subscribing to and managing your list memberships are similar to those of listserv.


-Usenet News is a global electronic bulletin board system in which millions of computer users exchange information on a vast range of topics. The major difference between Usenet News and e-mail discussion groups is the fact that Usenet messages are stored on central computers, and users must connect to these computers to read or download the messages posted to these groups. This is distinct from e-mail distribution, in which messages arrive in the electronic mailboxes of each list member.

Usenet itself is a set of machines that exchanges messages, or articles, from Usenet discussion forums, called newsgroups. Usenet administrators control their own sites, and decide which (if any) newsgroups to sponsor and which remote newsgroups to allow into the system.

There are thousands of Usenet newsgroups in existence. While many are academic in nature, numerous newsgroups are organized around recreational topics. Much serious computer-related work takes place in Usenet discussions. A small number of e-mail discussion groups also exist as Usenet newsgroups.

The Usenet newsfeed can be read by a variety of newsreader software programs. For example, the Netscape suite comes with a newsreader program called Messenger. Newsreaders are also available as standalone products.


-FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. These are periodic postings to Usenet newsgroups that contain a wealth of information related to the topic of the newsgroup. Many FAQs are quite extensive. FAQs are available by subscribing to individual Usenet newsgroups. A Web-based collection of FAQ resources has been collected by The Internet FAQ Consortium and is available at /http://www.faqs.org/.

RFC - stands for Request for Comments. These are documents created by and distributed to the Internet community to help define the nuts and bolts of the Internet. They contain both technical specifications and general information.

FYI - stands for For Your Information. These notes are a subset of RFCs and contain information of interest to new Internet users.

Links to indexes of all three of these information resources are available on the University Libraries Web site at /http://library.albany.edu/reference/faqs.html.


- Chat programs allow users on the Internet to communicate with each other by typing in real time. They are sometimes included as a feature of a Web site, where users can log into the "chat room" to exchange comments and information about the topics addressed on the site. Chat may take other, more wide-ranging forms. For example, America Online is well known for sponsoring a number of topical chat rooms.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) - is a service through which participants can communicate to each other on hundreds of channels. These channels are usually based on specific topics. While many topics are frivolous, substantive conversations are also taking place. To access IRC, you must use an IRC software program.

A variation of chat is the phenomenon of instant messenging. With instant messenging, a user on the Web can contact another user currently logged in and type a conversation. Most famous is America Online's Instant Messenger. ICQ, MSN and Yahoo are other commonly-used chat programs.

Other types of real-time communication are addressed in the tutorial Understanding the World Wide Web.


-MUD stands for Multi User Dimension. MUDs, and their variations listed above, are multi-user virtual reality games based on simulated worlds. Traditionally text based, graphical MUDs now exist. There are MUDs of all kinds on the Internet, and many can be joined free of charge. For more information, read one of the FAQs devoted to MUDs available at the FAQ site at


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According to the news, Michael Jackson died at UCLA Medical Center. Yes, it is still unknown of what caused the death of Michael Jackson but it is believed that he suffered cardiac arrest. Michael Jackson, who died today at age 50, ruled the music world throughout the 1980s, selling millions of records and concert tickets and dubbing himself the "King of Pop." And while Michael Jackson won multiple times at such popularity contests as the American Music Awards and the MTV Awards, he also earned the respect of his peers in the music industry with his 13 Grammy Awards. Actually my family was really sad when we heard that our idol"Micheal Jackson has passed away", only his greatest memory has only left in our mind."We Miss You"

Trivia about Micheal Jackson,

After striking out on his own from the Jackson Five, Jackson won his first Grammy in 1980 for best R&B male vocal performance ("Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough"). That track from his chart-topping "Off the Wall" album also contended for best disco recording.

"Thriller" – his second solo effort as an adult – was released in November 1982 and spent a record 37 weeks at No. 1, producing an unparalleled seven Top 10 singles. In March 1983, Jackson debuted his moonwalk dance to "Billie Jean" on the TV special "Motown 25: Yesterday, Today and Forever." Michael Jackson earned an Emmy nod for best performance in a variety or music program. He lost to opera diva Leontyne Price for her concert with the New York Philharmonic on "Live From Lincoln Center."

At the Grammys in February 1984, Jackson shared in seven of the eight awards won by the album (the exception was for best engineered recording). Michael Jackson shared the wins for album of the year and producer of the year (non-classical) with "Thriller" collaborator Quincy Jones, who also produced his Grammy-winning children's recording "E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial."

For the three chart-topping singles off the album, Jackson won Grammy Awards for male vocal performance in an unprecedented three genres – R&B ("Billie Jean"), rock ("Beat It") and pop ("Thriller"). He shared in the record of the year win for "Beat It" with the production team. And as the songwriter, he picked up a Grammy for penning the best R&B tune ("Billie Jean"). However, Sting's "Every Breath You Take" edged out two Jackson compositions – "Beat It" and "Billie Jean" – for song of the year.

Jackson's total of eight Grammy wins in one night broke the record set in 1965 by Roger Miller, who'd won six awards, most for the country hit "King of the Road." And the eight Grammys awarded to "Thriller" was another record haul as well. Both of these achievements were tied by Santana and the album "Supernatural" in 1999.

Michael Jackson won another Grammy the following year in the category of best video album for the film that documented the making of the landmark "Thriller" video. That $500,000, 14-minute video, directed by John Landis, told the story of a boy (Jackson) and girl enjoying a date until he turns into a singing, dancing werewolf.

In 1986, Jackson and Lionel Richie won the song of the year Grammy for the charity single "We Are the World," which also took home record of the year. As Jackson was one of the pioneers of the music video, it seems appropriate that the last two Grammys he won were for that medium. In 1989 he and his team won the short form video award for "Leave Me Alone" off his follow-up album "Bad." And in 1995 he and his sister Janet Jackson shared in the short form winning "Scream" from his double album "HIStory."


Are you familiar with the File Extension Pac? If not, well this article is good for you. The File Extension Pac stands for "Package" and contains very important data and files inside the archive. The File Extension Pac has a big role in the industry because it acts as a container or a storage box which all the necessary files and data are packed in a single file. The good thing about File Extension Pac is, it simplify all the processes required by the system. Based on my research, File Extension Pac used by wide variety of applications and systems like; Atari (Inforgrames) Stad, Digital Strategies CrossePac, Pacman File , Photo-CD Multi-resolution Image File , SBStudio Song + Sound Package , Lossless Parallel Adaptive Compression (LPAC), Netscape Browser, Win2020 / Polistream Video Subtitle Data, Sound Blaster Studio II, Spellbound Desperados: Wanted Dead/Alive game, Windows Applications Manager Added or Changed Package and many more. If you’re dealing with file extension .pac just make sure that you're using specific software to be able to open this file type without having problems

Driver Cure is also available for download at File Extension Pac website. Driver Cure Software will scan your computer system to check if any of the computer drivers need to be updated and it can be run with all types of Windows platform. Now if have trouble in finding the correct driver for your PC’s, Driver detective is the best one for you.

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Good Day to all my fellow Bloggers, I'd made some sort of Blog promotion tips which can help you to get high volume of traffic for your blogger blog. These strategies will lead you into success and also these will serve you as guidelines to become a light footed blogger.

Below are some Blog Promotion tips;

1. Submit your blog to Blog Directories - There are many free blog directories available on the net were you can submit your blog for free. It helps you to get high volume of traffic and back links.

Here are the lists of Top Ten blog directories.


2. Create RSS Feed for your blog – There are many available RSS website were you can submit your feed Url. But I suggest choose Feed Burner.

3. Always join Social Communities & Networking Sites: There are many Social Communities and Networking Website around the Internet. And I suggest start creating profile on social community sites & build your network.

Here are the lists of Top Social Communities & Networking Sites.

I. Widgetbox
II. Entrecard
III. Twitter

Take note: Strong networking can bring lots of visitors to your site.

4. Participate in Relevant Forums – I suggest join to Blogger Forum it help you to get a high amount visitors and back links everyday. And besides, you can get also additional tips and guidelines from blogger forum, which can drive you to be more active in blogging.

5. Always use Book Marking Tools – There are many available Book Marking Tools around the net. But I strongly suggest visit http://www.addthis.com/. Book Marking Tools will give various options to your visitors to book mark your blog easily. Your blog content will automatically get publicized without any effort.

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4 GB mini multimedia projector with micro SD slot build with a smooth slim design for excellent on the go use. This powerful and durable little projector comes with 4GB of built in memory, with an additional micro SD slot located on the side of the projector.

This micro projector is ideal for both business and social use. If you ever needed to make an outstanding presentation with quick setup, then this high performing simple plug and play micro projector is exactly what you need. The special slim design of this projector enables it to fit nicely into your laptop bag. In addition to its slim, small and portable design, that comes with an internal multimedia system that plays an array of media file formats, which lets you enjoy watching videos in a cinematic large projection display up to a maximum of 2.5 meters diagonal display. Make the most out of using this micro projector, you can either use your favorite earphones to enjoy listening to the audio, or through your stereo system by using the RCA cables provided.

The internal media functions allows listening to music while viewing photos at the same time. Always have quick access to your media files straight from the mini projector, with out needing to connect it to your computer. This allows the mini projector to be used independently which makes it versatile and very useful. This new hot item can actually replace your current TV and or computer monitor. Such power and performance has never been seen before from a mini projector until now. Best of all, the micro projector hardly takes up any space at all, and comes in the size of most mobile phones.

At a Glance...

  • Micro SD card slot
  • 4GB Internal Memory
  • Simple plug and play
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  • Project up to 4.5 meters
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Today, Apple Incorporated released their new MacBook Pro family with three different sizes that you can choose; 13-inch, 15-inch and 17-inch. All of these are now available in Apple online store worldwide with starting price of $1,119 in every unit. That's not all, you will also get free shipping and 0% financing when you order your MacBook Pro at 1-800-MY-APPLE or at the Apple Online Store.

MacBook Pro family features the following;

Breakthrough long-lasting battery - Every new MacBook Pro features an advanced built-in battery that lasts up to 7 hours (8 hours on the 17-inch MacBook Pro) on a single charge.*

Precision aluminum unibody enclosure - From one solid piece of aluminum comes a MacBook Pro that's thin and light, beautifully streamlined, and durable.

Advanced graphics and brilliant display - High-performance NVIDIA graphics combine with a vivid LED-backlit display to give you a stunning viewing experience.

The world's greenest lineup of notebooks - Highly recyclable and even more energy efficient, the new MacBook Pro family is designed with the environment in mind.

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Yesterday, Apple Incorporated announced thier New "IPhone 3G S" with new features like a remarkable video camera, Voice Control, and more. Here you will experience 2x loading speed with all your favorite web pages, launch apps, open attachments and even taking a pictures. IPhone 3G S has also another good benefits when it comes to multimedia processing, here you can Shoot video and edit on your phone, then share it via email, MMS, MobileMe, or YouTube, Wow sound really good isn't it?
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Have you heard about Houston Dome? Well if not I will give you some information about it. Experts say Houston Dome may help to protect environment, the science of mega engineering says "we can save Houston with a Dome". Imagine building a Gigantic Dome that covers the entire city, wow I've only seen that kind of dome in Cartoon Movies but now they are planning to build this dome for real. Based on the result of my research, the reason why they need to build this gigantic dome is because Houston is the fourth country's most populous city that faces heat, hurricanes and other natural disasters, so they want to cover it to protect the whole city against the challenge of nature.

See their work of art image below, how extreme engineers will create the mega-builds of tomorrow;

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If we talked about Goldilocks, there’s only one cake that I remember. The delicious and mouthwatering “Sans Rival Cake” made by Goldilocks it is very yummy layered dessert, each layer is topped with a nice amount of icing like filling and cashews on top.

Actually my Wife and I have a Sweetest and unforgettable story about Sans Rival Cake which is product by Goldilocks. So Today, I will share to you our breathtaking and unforgettable experience about this cake. The story began on December 23, 2008 and that time were at the lover stage, on that day we went on SM South Mall Supermarket, while walking at the mall my wife saw a Goldilocks Store and then her attention are stole by a cake, she doesn’t talked to me that time and I noticed that here two eyes are being sticky while looking with Sans Rival Cake, I ask hey mama “This is how we call each other MAMA and PAPA” what’s happening to you, you doesn’t even talked to me and you looks like a mannequin. She said I like to eat that cake, and then I ask her which cake? She’s pointing her finger and then she said “that one, that one..,” I said which one of them, there’s many cake’s, so which one them, at the middle of our conversation we decide to go near at the Cake’s Showcase see what’s the name of that cake. We learned that the name of that cake was “Sans Rival” and then after that I rushed to the Cashier desk and buy Sans Rival Cake. But I’m still wondering and manage after buying the said product, I ask my “My Wife” is anything bothering you? She said “Papa I have something to tell you so please don’t abrupt” So I reply sure just go ahead, she said “Papa I’m pregnant”, on that time I feel my heart will explode just because of Happiness, I can’t really explain how Happy I am after I heard that I’m going to be a father. During her pregnancy, every weekend when I came from my job I often buy her favorite cake from Goldilocks store near at our office. I’m so very happy to see her, because every time she saw me handling the plastic bag with Sans Rival Cake inside of it, guess what? She’s look like a child who’s very excited to eat her favorite ice cream, imagine that! My life together with my wife is very colorful, our love for each other won’t break by Typhoon or Hurricane and that love will last forever. This coming July 27, 2009 actually this is my especial day because my wife will be giving birth for our first child, we haven’t knew yet the gender of our baby because on the first time we’ve went to the hospital, the gender of our baby won’t appeared clearly to their Ultra Sound Machine on that time my wife is on six months pregnant, they said we have to wait for another two months to see the gender of our baby. So, today I have no plan to bring my wife again to the hospital for her second Ultra Sound, perhaps all I want is a surprise it doesn’t matter if our baby is boy or girl, the very important is we’ve already reserved a name for a baby girl and baby boy.. And hopefully our baby won’t look like Sans Rival Cake, hehehe I just kidding.

I also attached some photos of my wife together with me, which show's our happiest moment together while eating her favorite Sans Rival Cake.

"That's my Wife"

"Say cheeze"

"Oh!, so yummy"

"It's Me"

For me, "You're the 1 Goldilocks, because you always bring a wonderful smile to my wife every time I saw her face."

This is the ending of our sweetest and unforgettable story with Sans Rival Cake. Thank you very much to all of you dear, readers for your time to read our story.

Have a nice day!

Justify Full


Hello everyone I came across on the Internet, then I found this blog, the article he publish is quite good for all bloggers and I think it’s very helpful for all of us. The article is entitled “How to get indexed by Google in ONE hour” I hope you like this article.

Here is it;

If you’re not familiar with how some people accomplish getting their web sites submitted to Google quickly, you are going to absolutely love this article.

I’ve bet you’ve heard from many people that it can take days, weeks, even months to get indexed by Google. If you have heard that, you’re now thinking, “OK Jamie, you must have had a really stressful day at work today and you’re now hallucinating that this is possible!”.

If I read this blog title a while ago, I’m sure I would be thinking the same thing as you! Ok, let’s move on to how to get indexed by Google within one hour.

The secret is quite simple. Almost every site in today’s Internet world uses the social network sharing buttons. On my blog, http://www.endyourif.com I include it on every article page. I also include it on the main listing pages underneath my article summary.

If you don’t already have one of these on your sites, get one now, just search “Share This” or “Add This” and you will find a ton of web sites that tell you to put a few lines of Javascript code on your web site and it does the rest.

Ok, so now you have this button added to your web site? Perfect, I would suggest going to a page on your web site that you think will be the most valuable to other users and submit it to a couple of those sites listed in the button.

I have personally found excellent success with both Digg and Reddit. I launched a web site about 1 or 2 months ago, submitted two links to Digg. I waited about an hour or so and searched Google with keywords that I felt I targeted well and lo and behold there it was, my page was found and indexed with Google. Not only was it found, it was in the top 10!

Don’t just stop here though. Submitting to the above sites will provide you with some quick traffic. It won’t last long if people don’t like your site. Plus, it won’t cause your other pages to be indexed either. It really is just a start.

The next step is to create an XML sitemap of your content. Once you’ve done this, create an account on the Google Webmaster Tools. You will need to add your domain and verify your site before continuing.

Once you’ve completed this, add your sitemap that you previously created. Within a few minutes (some times longer), Google will validate your sitemap and queue all of your links to be indexed.

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Today, I went to Direct TV website because my sister-in-law Janice, living in the United States was told me to find a better Direct TV Service on the Internet. After that, I ask her what’s the reason why is she looking Direct TV Service on the Internet? She said, the reason why she is looking for Direct TV Service is because she actually hates the normal Cable TV System at their home, all she needs is a brand new face of Direct TV Service that can provide a hundred plus TV channels direct to their Television, she also told me that I’m the only one who can help her problem because she’s not too professional in finding a good Direct TV Service website on the Internet. Then after what’s she said I’m rushing to go over to surf on the Internet. After 10 minutes surfing on the Internet, thankfully I found a good Direct TV Service website, the DirectSatTV.com.

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DirectSatTV.com offers 6 different types of packages and these are;

Premier (Ultimate Entertainment Package) - It covers 256+ channels in just $25.99/mo for 3months.
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Choice (Basic Entertainment Package ) - It covers 150+ channels in just 34.99/mo for12 months.
And last but not the least the Family (Family Entertainment) - It covers 45+ channels in just $29.99/mo

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Are you looking for Affordable Portable Computers? If you are! Well this article is good for you, because today I went to Savebuckets.co.uk website. Savebuckets.co.uk website is a new free to use online shopping service, the website will help you to find the product you want at the best price you want. They have all the top brands of Laptop, including Toshiba laptops, Macbooks, and Sony Vaio. Not only that, they have also a great selection of ultra-mobile Netbook like the Toshiba netbook and the popular Dell Inspiron Mini 910 Atom Netbook. Actually Savebuckets.co.uk features thousand of products including affordable portable computer from a wide range of shops all over the internet. The idea of the website was very simple it’s simply a price comparison website, which allows you to compare prices on a wide range of products through hundreds of different shop all over the Internet. For example; if you are looking for affordable laptops just simply use the search tools, type the “Laptop brand” and hit search button, now it will show you all lists of laptops products including the compared prices with other Sellers.

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Apple Incorporated is proud to introduce their new 24-inch wide screen LED Cinema Display. The 24" LED Cinema Display has the ability to turns your notebook into a desktop and has a built-in iSight camera, microphone, and speaker system is one must-have MacBook accessory.The LED Cinema Display features advanced LED technology and a gorgeous, edge-to-edge glass screen. And it now works with Mac desktops with Mini DisplayPort too.

24-inch wide screen LED Cinema Display features

Built-in iSight, mic, and speakers - With the built-in iSight camera, microphone, and speakers, you can connect your MacBook — leaving it open or closed — and engage in video chats* or listen to music. And now you can also connect it to a Mini DisplayPort-enabled Mac Pro or Mac mini to instantly enjoy these convenient video and audio features.

Mini DisplayPort - The LED Cinema Display connects to your new MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air with the ultracompact Mini DisplayPort connector. Other display connectors have you lining up pins or fumbling with screws. The new Mini DisplayPort connector is easy in, easy out. Now, you can also attach your LED Cinema Display to new Mac desktops with Mini DisplayPort, including Mac Pro, Mac mini, and iMac.

Support USB 2.0 ports - On the back of the display, you’ll find three self-powered USB ports. You enable them — along with the built-in iSight camera, microphone, and speakers — the moment you plug the USB connector into your new Mini DisplayPort-enabled Mac, including the MacBook family as well as the new Mac Pro, Mac mini, and iMac. Connect a printer, camera, iPod, iPhone, whatever you like. And they can stay connected, even if you grab your MacBook and go.

MagSafe connector - The LED Cinema Display includes a MagSafe connector that powers and charges your new MacBook. The connector sits on your desk, ready and waiting. No need to unravel the cord to the power adapter that came with your notebook. Leave it exactly where it is, in your bag.

Extended desktop - When you connect your new MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or Mini DisplayPort-enabled Mac desktops (Mac Pro, Mac mini, iMac) to the LED Cinema Display, it’s like upgrading your screen to first class. The 24-inch glossy widescreen display gives your work room to move. And the 1920-by-1200 resolution gives it room to impress.


Today I went to Google PR Checker to check if there's any changes with Technotrixs Page Rank Status. I found out that my Blog is now on PR3. I’m really surprised when the time I saw the result. Actually I can’t believe it on the first place that I got PR3 on this month of June 2009 because last April 4, 2009 that was the time Technotrixs got Pr2, so it means in just 2 months past it goes to PR3. Maybe the reason why Technotrixs becomes unstoppable is because of my dedication to become a Professional Blogger.

I would like to say Million thanks to all the readers and bloggers who visited and linking back to my blog.

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