Simplest way to convert File System Fat , Fat32 to NTFS

Hello guys, Today I will show you how to convert File System Fat , fat32 to NTFS in simplest way.

Just follow all my instruction carefully,

Step 1: Goto Start, then click "run"

Step 2: Then type "convert d: /fs:ntfs" without (" ")

Info:this command would convert your d: drive to ntfs. But if your c: or d: drive
has been already in ntfs file system you do not need to do this command.

Step 3: Sometimes if the system cannot lock the drive, you will be prompted to convert it during next reboot. Normally you should select "yes".

Note: Conversion from fat/fat32 to ntfs is non-destructive, your data on the drive will NOT be lost.

That's all thanks


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