Today Firefox Lab proudly introduce their new add-ons the Mibbit web IRC client. The latest Firefox 3.5 nightlies now include Mibbit as a bundled IRC protocol web client so now, when clicking on an irc:// or its encrypted variation, ircs:// link, it will be redirected to Mibbit so you can connect to the desired server using a web interface. Protocol web handlers support was introduced in Firefox 3 and allows Firefox to redirect a protocol request to a standards compliant web service that is capable of parsing and serving the request. Firefox 3 included support for Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and 30boxes as email and calendar providers.

Brief Info about Mibbit before it got by Firefox 3.5

Mibbit is an online chat client. Mibbit supports a variety of Platforms including the main PC browsers, the wii, Nokia N800, iPhone, and probably a lot more. It does this without any plugins. Just javascript. Mibbit currently supports IRC, Yahoo! and Twitter, with other protocols due to be supported soon. You can also use the Mibbit widget to provide real time chat on your own website.

Steps to integrate Mibbit to your Firefox 3.5

Step 1: Go to Firefox Adress Bar Type: About:Config

Step 2: On the Filter search box Type: gecko , you will be prompted all gecko handler Service,

Step 3:
Select the first gecko handler Service, Then double click it to set it true

Step 4: Now click JS script Below

You will be prompted by "Add Mibbit" pop-up dialog box

Step 5:
Now Go to Tools> Option > Look for Applications Tab , Irc is now listed to your Aplications, now set it "Use Mibbit"

Step 6: Now when you click on irc: links a new tab with Mibbit and a tab connected to the IRC server and channel.

I suggest setting gecko.handlerService.allowRegisterFromDifferentHost back to false to prevent malicious web sites offering their own protocol handlers.

In case you need to remove Mibbit as an irc:// handler, go back to the Applications page in the Options dialog. Look for irc in the content type column. Open the menu in the Action column and select Application Details…, select Mibbit and press Remove.


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