Do you know about File Extension PES? Well, most regular computer users do not really know about this file extension. File Extension PES is an Embrid Embroidery Format that contains instructions for creating embroideries with a sewing machine. In other words File Extension PES is a file type that contains data of an image design or layout design which instructs to the machine on what type of stitch to be made in a given area and which thread needs to be use.

The main requirements in order to open File Extension PES in both Microsoft Windows OS and Mac OS, is by using third party application software’s like; Word Perfect, Buzz Tools BuzzXplore or BuzzEdit, Designer's Gallery StudioPlus, Embird Suite, S & S Computing SewWhat and many more.

If Windows is unable to open File Extension PES you may have registry related errors or may not have the appropriate program installed. I strongly recommend that you run DriverCure. DriverCure Software will scan your computer system to check if any of the computer drivers need to be updated and it can be run with all types of Windows platform. Now if have trouble in finding the correct driver for your PC’s, Driver Cure is the best one for you.


Are you familiar with the File Extension Qbb? The file extension qbb stands for "Intuit QuickBooks Backup File" and consists of coded text which is cannot viewed by a normal text editor. QuickBooks finance management software actually uses the File Extension Qbb. If you are using QuickBooks finance management software (and I am quite sure that you are) your computer must have this file. Now, if you’re using QuickBooks software while backing-up you’re company files, QuickBooks software will automatically saves the backup file with a File Extension Qbb. One quick tips for you dear, readers if you’re dealing with file extension .qbb just make sure that you're using specific software to be able to open this file type without having problems.

Driver Cure is also available for download at File Extension Qbb website. Driver Cure Software will scan your computer system to check if any of the computer drivers need to be updated and it can be run with all types of Windows platform. Now if have trouble in finding the correct driver for your PC’s, Driver detective is the best one for you.

To know more about File Extension Qbb feel free to visit their Homepage.


Simplest way to convert File System Fat , Fat32 to NTFS

Hello guys, Today I will show you how to convert File System Fat , fat32 to NTFS in simplest way.

Just follow all my instruction carefully,

Step 1: Goto Start, then click "run"

Step 2: Then type "convert d: /fs:ntfs" without (" ")

Info:this command would convert your d: drive to ntfs. But if your c: or d: drive
has been already in ntfs file system you do not need to do this command.

Step 3: Sometimes if the system cannot lock the drive, you will be prompted to convert it during next reboot. Normally you should select "yes".

Note: Conversion from fat/fat32 to ntfs is non-destructive, your data on the drive will NOT be lost.

That's all thanks


Simplest way to fix corrupted files in Windows XP

This tutorial has been tested by me few months ago to my Windows XP Operating System, I know many people out there are already knew this technique, but for those non-techies Pc user that has no idea to fix the corrupted files inside their XP machine. I willl guide you how to fix them in a simplest way.

Steps to follow;

Step 1: Place the original Windows XP cd in your cd/dvd drive.

Step 2: Go to start, and the click " run"

Step 3: type in 'sfc /scannow' (without the ') , just wait for a few minutes until become succesful.

That's All



Yesterday I went to Personal Loans website because my best friend Alice living in the United States told me to find a website which she can apply for personal loans. After that, I ask her what’s the reason why she looking for Personal Loans website? she said, she doesn’t expected that her daughter is got sick, she had no time to look around on their town just to look for company were she can apply for personal loan. Then after what she said I’m rushing to go over to surf on the Internet. After three minutes surfing on the Internet I feel get lucky I found good Personal Loans website the Firstamerigo.com. Here they offered different kinds of loans likes; Personal Loan, Unsecured Loan, Unsecured Personal Loans and many more. So after that, I decided to call my best friend Alice to inform her that I finally found the website that offers Personal Loans.

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Twitterfox is an add-on plugins for Mozilla firefox, which has the capabilities to integrate twitter account via Firefox web browsers.

The idea of Twitterfox is very simple, its simply a program that has ability to know your twitter status and everything. The extension adds a tiny icon on the status bar that notifies you when your friends update their status. Also it has a small text input field were you can update your status and reply to your recent messages.


SpotCrime Online Crime Mapping is the most comprehensive online source of crime information. Here you can view all criminal cases that happens in all the states of US likes, Arson, Assault , Burglary, Robbery, Shooting, Theft, Vandalism and Others. For me the website like this one is very helpful and it can be uses in the near future.


All I can say about our Summer Outing at Grand Bay Resort Laguna was really fun and unforgettable. So that's why I post it hear in my blog. All the pictures attached in my blog are symbolize with "Life that Full of Happiness".

Actually we have 100 plus images captured by my Digital Camera but it take time for me to upload on the Internet, so that's why I choose only six pictures.

Below are the pictures taken in Grand Bay Resort Laguna

"""It's ME"""


My Girlfriend and I, yeww sweet...

Name start's from the left side: Ate Michele, Bebe, My mother-in-law, My Girlfriend, and kids are Baby Aljo & Stormy.

That's all

More pictures on my Friendster Profile.


Today Firefox Lab proudly introduce their new add-ons the Mibbit web IRC client. The latest Firefox 3.5 nightlies now include Mibbit as a bundled IRC protocol web client so now, when clicking on an irc:// or its encrypted variation, ircs:// link, it will be redirected to Mibbit so you can connect to the desired server using a web interface. Protocol web handlers support was introduced in Firefox 3 and allows Firefox to redirect a protocol request to a standards compliant web service that is capable of parsing and serving the request. Firefox 3 included support for Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and 30boxes as email and calendar providers.

Brief Info about Mibbit before it got by Firefox 3.5

Mibbit is an online chat client. Mibbit supports a variety of Platforms including the main PC browsers, the wii, Nokia N800, iPhone, and probably a lot more. It does this without any plugins. Just javascript. Mibbit currently supports IRC, Yahoo! and Twitter, with other protocols due to be supported soon. You can also use the Mibbit widget to provide real time chat on your own website.

Steps to integrate Mibbit to your Firefox 3.5

Step 1: Go to Firefox Adress Bar Type: About:Config

Step 2: On the Filter search box Type: gecko , you will be prompted all gecko handler Service,

Step 3:
Select the first gecko handler Service, Then double click it to set it true

Step 4: Now click JS script Below

You will be prompted by "Add Mibbit" pop-up dialog box

Step 5:
Now Go to Tools> Option > Look for Applications Tab , Irc is now listed to your Aplications, now set it "Use Mibbit"

Step 6: Now when you click on irc: links a new tab with Mibbit and a tab connected to the IRC server and channel.

I suggest setting gecko.handlerService.allowRegisterFromDifferentHost back to false to prevent malicious web sites offering their own protocol handlers.

In case you need to remove Mibbit as an irc:// handler, go back to the Applications page in the Options dialog. Look for irc in the content type column. Open the menu in the Action column and select Application Details…, select Mibbit and press Remove.


In today's hot Current News, Microsoft has expanded its ad competition with Apple to encompass music support. The ad specifically targets the iTunes Store, and relies on a financial speaker named Wes Moss to criticize the value of buying tracks outright instead of subscribing to a service like the Zune Pass. At 120GB, claims Moss, the full-sized version of the iPod classic would cost roughly $30,000 to fill when using the iTunes Store.

The Zune Pass, by contrast, costs $15 a month, and lets users download an unlimited number of tracks. The ad does not mention however that subscribers can only permanently keep 10 tracks a month, and that any track not chosen to keep is lost should a person unsubscribe. The latter music can also be synced only to Zune players.

Microsoft's Laptop Hunter ads (one, two, three, and four) must be doing quite well, because what Microsoft started off as a price attack on Macs seems to have transcended over to the online music store business. Sure, Microsoft doesn't refer to it as the Apple Tax this time around, but the company still makes a point to use price as the main factor on its Zune Pass (Flash required) website.


Hello guys this article will guide you on how to Rip Audio CDs to make it your own mp3 files in Windows XP Operating System. Actually there are many ways to rip your original Audio CDs by using third party software like MusicMatch Jukebox application and the other one is by using your default Windows Media player which is integrated to your Windows XP Operating System. I remember when I was on First Year College that was the year 2003 and taking my first computer hands on training, one of my classmates told me that he knows how to rip Audio CDs, on that time I was amazed. Imagine we are on the same age but he already knows how rip Audio CDs, wow that man was really a computer geek. But then time past by with my determination and dedication to learn what are basics and fundamentals in computer, I may now compared myself among the other computer geek.

Now going back to our topic we will focus in ripping Audio CDs using two different kind of application, Windows Media player and Musicmatch Jukebox application.

Just follow my instruction carefully,

Steps to follow on how Rip Audio CDs using Musicmatch Jukebox.

Step 1: Press Start -> All Programs -> Musicmatch -> Musicmatch Jukebox to run the program.

Step 2: Load the audio CD into your drive.

Step 3: Before you extract any tracks, you must configure the MP3 settings within Jukebox.

I. Click the Options menu.

II. Choose Recorder.

III. Click Settings to display the Settings dialog box.

Step 4: Click the Recording Format drop-down list box and choose MP3; then select the CD Quality (128 Kbps) radio button.

Step 5: To start the actual ripping process, click the Record button on the control panel (bottom left); like a VCR or cassette recorder, it has a red dot on it.

Don’t click the Record button under the track list (bottom right), which burns a CD with the contents of the list. (You don’t need to record a disc that you already have!)

Step 6:Select the tracks that you want to rip. By default, Jukebox automatically rips all the tracks on the disc, so they’re all checked. If you don’t want to rip a track, just deselect the check box next to the track title. Note that you can click the None button to remove all the checks, which makes it easier to rip only one or two tracks from an entire CD.

Step 7: Let the ripping begin! Click the red Record button on the Recorder pane, and then sit back and watch the progress for each track.

Note: Musicmatch Jukebox is available to download at oldsoftware.com

Steps to follow on how Rip Audio CDs using Windows Media Player version 9 or 10.

Step 1: Start Windows Media Player.
Step 2: On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Rip Music tab.

Step 3: Select the Rip CD when inserted check box, and then click OK.
Step 4: Last but not the least, Insert a Audio CD in the CD-ROM drive.

And that’s all you may now enjoy ripping all you favorite tracks using Windows Media player.

Another way to rip audio CDs to MP3-format

To select MP3 format for ripping just follow my guide below ;

Step 1: In Windows Media Player, on the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Rip Music tab.

Step 2: In the Format list, under Rip settings, click mp3, and then click OK.

That’s it you may now rip all your favorite tracks to mp3 format.

Note: In Windows Media Player version 9 or 10, MP3-encoding support is included at no extra cost; therefore, you can rip songs from an audio CD to .mp3 files in your library.


When If Windows is your favored operating system, then you must have heard the name of Outlook Express and also used it and therefore no how beneficial it can be for you. One such grave error threat that you may face in course of your computer use is when the Outlook Express in your computer fails to start or simply crashes. In some older versions, invalid message rules errors may be flashed on your PC screen.

Other Outlook Express related errors that can create problem and possible cause breakdown of your machine is when for no reason the hyperlink in your messages do not get referred to. Also you may find that your messages do not get displayed in Inbox or any other mail folder, whereas messages mysteriously disappear from newsgroups. Moreover if you suddenly see that duplicate mail messages continuously get downloaded from POP3 account or when the toolbar options are unusable due to being distorted or black and the image preview also has stopped working. Another typical Outlook Express error issue that you must be wary of and avoid is when toolbars generally found in the main window of your Outlook Express or from the Compose Message window don’t get displayed. Unless you do something about this problem soon, your sick PC may crash and freeze permanently. In addition to all these there are a host of bugs and performance problems that also make it necessary for you to immediately find an effective and reliable fixing tool for the multi-utility Outlook Express, without which a major part of your data is in jeopardy and computer usage gets hampered.


This morning I went to Headlight.me website because my friend Andrew that lives in the US told me to find three kinds of car headlights on the Internet and these are; Jeep Headlights, Mazda Headlights and Toyota Headlights, he need those parts for his Mini Auto supply business. And then I say Yeah sure, why not? Then After 3 minutes surfing on the internet looking for a Website that sells car headlights, at last I finally found the good website that sell different kinds of car headlights. So after that I decided to call my friend Andrew to inform him that I finally found the website that sells complete car headlights.

The Headlight.me website sells a huge variety of car headlights likes; Jeep Headlights, Mazda Headlights, Toyota Headlights, Acura Headlights, Audi Headlights BMW Headlights, Buick Headlights ,Cadillac Headlights, Chevrolet Headlights, Chrysler Headlights, Dodge Headlights, Ford Headlights, GMC Headlights, Honda Headlights, Hummer Headlights, Hyundai Headlights, Infiniti Headlights, Isuzu Headlights, Jaguar Headlights, Jeep Headlights, Kawasaki Headlights, KIA Headlights and many more. I feel very lucky because of all the websites I visited on the internet, Headlight.me is one of the kind website that sell complete types of Car Headlights in the circle or World Wide Web.

So if you are looking for huge variety of Car headlights, why not try to visit Headlight.me website.

Sammy Feliciano