Wooohoo! I’d check my Blog Page Rank using Google PR Checker this afternoon. I found out that my Blog is now on PR2. Wooohoo! I’m really surprised with the result. I can’t believe I got PR2 after three months since I’ve last check my PR Status on January 2, 2009.

One quick tip for you dear, Reader:

1. Make a back links going to your Blog or Website.

Example: Link exchange with other blogger. That was the key to get high Page Rank.

2. Create visible and searchable keywords. This will help you to become your article visible with many search engine likes, google, yahoo, ask.com and etc.

If you will notice I only have 3,702 unique visitors after 8 months in blogging, which was quite little. But I have 1 thousand plus back links going to my blog, I don’t know how is the correct and proper computations of Page Rank, But as far as I’ve knew Linking back to your blog will help you to attained high Page Rank.

Thank you very much for all the readers and bloggers who visited and linking back to my blog.


Niema said... @ April 8, 2009 at 5:32 AM

congratulation for your page rank, im still try google to index my blog, i have blog for two month but GIP still 0 hiks dont know what to do

Sammy Feliciano said... @ April 11, 2009 at 10:49 PM

Thank you very much Niema for visiting my Blog. The only key to success in order you to index your blog to Google Index are listed below;

#1. Submit your blog to blog directories, there's a lot of free blog directories around where you can submit your blog for free.

#2. Create a strong and visible keywords on your blog post or article, Keywords are very important ingredients in order your blog becomes visible via google search Engine.

#3. Last but not the least, Google adwords are the key to become your blog visible also, But in my situation I haven't tried google adwords, but maybe in a few weeks or a months I will try it.


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