Later this afternoon I went to File Extension SRT website. Here I found the complete and broad definition of .srt format. I spent whole day and my eyes is wide open just to find the complete .srt definition on the internet. The content of File Extension SRT website is very informative and eases to understand. But before we jump into the conclusion let me discuss first the meaning of File Extension .srt.

File Extension SRT is a subtitle file format which is human readable and contain alphanumeric as well as symbolic characters for formatting. Mostly subtitle had seen in Asian movies and also American movies as well. There are lots of media player programs likes; Klite media player, VLC player and Neuview media player that are compatible with .srt files. One of my favorite media player is Klite because it has a complete codec package integrated with the software. It can be downloaded from the Free-codes website for free and contains all the decoders necessary to play every commonly used digital media format, audio, video and etc. But if you’re using different OS’s platform like Linux, and Mac OS X I would suggest use VLC instead of Klite media player, VLC media player is also popular when it comes playing different types of digital media format, audio and video and a lot more.

If you want to know more about the File Extension SRT format, feel free to visit their website.


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