Have you heard the word File Extension SAM? File Extension SAM is a Word Processing program developed under DOS by Samna and purchased by Lotus and continues modifying the system to correspond to Windows and OS/2. IBM bought Lotus Notes and replaced the system with Word Pro.

The main requirements in order open File Extension SAM on your Microsoft Windows Word programs, is the Microsoft Office Converter Pack. With the use converter pack you can easily convert all .sam format into .doc .txt or any file type you want. If you aren’t familiar with Microsoft Office converter pack you can get it direct from Microsoft website.

Driver Detective are also available for download at File Extension SAM website. Driver Detective Software will scan your computer system to check if any of the computer drivers need to be updated and it can be ran with all types of Windows platform. Now if have trouble in finding the correct driver for your PC’s, Driver detective is the best one for you.

To know more about File Extension SAM feel free to visit their website.


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