One of the most popular file extensions is .dap file type. File Extension DAP is used by Microsoft Access, Tiger Logic (Raining Data) and SpeedBit Download Accelerator Plus programs. Microsoft Access and Tiger Logic uses the file extension .dap for data format, while SpeedBit Download accelerator plus uses .dap extension for uncompleted downloaded files. The Microsoft Company is continuously developed and improved many of its programs in order to achieve their goal.

When the File Extension DAP is used in Microsoft Access, it gives the program the ability to share databases via the internet, which can be through email among other web processes. The programs could also serve as an information entry form. Additionally, the form designed in access can generate interactive reports. The File Extension DAP further enables the design of dBASE files, Text files, spread sheets and paradox tables. The basic mechanics of creating a DAP file involves using the design view as this allows one to create the files from its basic form.

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