Microsoft Introduces Internet Explorer 8

SEATTLE, Washington - Microsoft Corporation will release a new version of Internet Exploree (IE) thursday, adding features meant to speed up common Web surfing tast and bringin the browser's security measure in line with those major competitors.

The number of browsers has grown to a dizzying array, from IE and Mozilla's Firefox, the two most popular, to Apple Inc.'s Safari, Google Inc's Chrome, The Norweigian entrant Opera ant others. Each is using speed, security enhancements and new features to fight for a share of web Surfers growing time online. Microsoft ramain the dominant player, but firefo'x influence is growing.

Dean Hachamovitch, the IE group's general manage, said the free browser is important to Microsoft beacuse the company simply wants PC users to have a "great experience every day" when surfing the web.

Microsoft also has expanded a feature present on some browsers today - a toolbar button that opens a menu of the most recent news headlines. IE 8 users can add a number of "Web Slices" to keep track of eBay austions, stock quotes, blog posts, weather forecast, and other information that is frequently update.

Another useful feature one that firefox lacks but Google Inc.'s new Chrome browser employs keeps related tabs together. If a use r clicks on a link, thereby opening a new tab. Microsoft tucks that tab right next to the original. IE 8 also givs tabs to common color. And in IE , ehen a Web page in one tab crasher, it doesn't bring down the whole browser.


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