Do you want to safely remove any external hardware like, USB or Flash Disk, External Hard Drive, USB Printer, USB Scanner, Memory Card Reader and so on, without doing the old method when removing external hardware on your Pc.? So the answer is in here just for you dear reader. Below are the instructions on how Safely Remove Hardware using keyboard Shortcut.

Now here is it, just follow my instructions carefully.

Step1. Create a shortcut on your Desktop, by doing right click > new > shortcut.

Step 2. Then copy this code on the input box %windir%\system32\RunDll32.exe shell32.dll, Control_RunDLL hotplug.dll then click next, then click "Ok".

Step 3. After the process has been done, Right click the shortcut that you created now click properties > then shortcut tab> Under start in: > press any key you want, ex. 1,2, 3 or any letter you want, So now the shortcut is going to be Ctrl + Alt + “?”, “?” = (without quote) is the number that you designate.

Step 4. Last but not the least, press apply, then press “OK”, Now safely remove hardware using Keyboard shortcut is now ready for you.


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