You Need a Budget (YNAB) is a personal budget program available in both a Windows application (YNAB Pro) or in a customizable spreadsheet form (compatible with both Excel and Open Office). It was designed to work closely with the YNAB budgeting methodology.

YNAB does not integrate with any personal finance software such as Quicken or Microsoft Money, but then it was designed purely for budgeting and it handles budgeting better than all-in-one personal finance software. If you insist on having your budget integrated with the functions found in software like Quicken or Microsoft Money, YNAB will not work for you, however you can certainly use YNAB for budgeting while using other personal finance software to handle other aspects of your household finances.

YNAB is originally created as a Excel spreadsheet, with the collaboration of programmer Taylor Browns YNAB took on new life as YNAB Pro, YNAB Pro has continued to expand its capabilities.

The personal budget program itself is really powerful in terms of budgeting your finances. YNAB can cost $24.95 while YNAB Pro cost $49.95. But it is pretty much better to choose YNAB Pro because it satisfied benefits. YNAB (You Need a Budget) Pro is money management software (budget software) at its simplest, most effective, finest form. You Need a Budget Pro lets you know how much of the receipt total is still unassigned, and well, there is a lot to it. But the point is that it saves you time entering big receipts. And that is a big deal.

The YNAB Methodology uses four rules of cash flow management these are:

1. Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck
2. Give Every Dollar a Job
3. Prepare for Rain
4. Roll with the Punches.

The program YNAB Pro designed very professionally a good looking layout and the on-screen directions are unique and helpful. If you use personal finance software to manage your accounts but you want to do more in depth budgeting and use a system that guides you to more successful budgeting. I definitely recommend YNAB Pro program.


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It's so nice software, good job bro

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