IrfanView 4.2 is my all time favorite image viewer and editor software. Irfanview 4.2 lets you open and edit images, as well as multiple media format, not just like a typical default Paint program in your Windows Xp, IrfanView has an ability to cut and crop images, apply batch conversions, sharpen, or blur effects, create panoramas and you can change color anyway you want. Because of its built-in plug ins Irfanview mostly supports different format likes video, and sound effect, including mp3, avi, wma etc.. .

Irfanview Thumbnail shortcut is also included to Irfanview 4.2 installer. What the most i like with the Irfanview Thumbnail shortcut is it offer an Explorer-like file tree that quickly displays all images in a particular folder. Version 4.2 adds Basic Unicode support and new options.


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Sammy Feliciano