After a long time of waiting at last my web blog gets approved‭ ‬by Chitika,‭ ‬later this afternoon i received an electronic mail came from Chitika noticing me regarding with my blog status and after reading all the messages came from them,‭ ‬I just like a little boy whose gets happiness when my mom's bought me a lollipop candy from mini store,‭ ‬as i've notice the big factor why my web blog got approved is because i bought domain name for my blog.‭ ‬Why I consider this as the true reason‭? ‬because on the first time I commit Blog submission to Chitika‭ I‬ get denied due some reasons,‭ ‬"my blog‭ ‬won't have a‭ ‬.com .net .org domain and they also mentioned that they think that my blog is under constructions result to‭ ‬insufficient numbers of traffic‭"‬.‭

Chitika is an alternative and the best way to earn money by putting their ads to your Blog or its either to your website.‭ ‬Chitika is also the same with Google Adsense,‭ ‬but they have different advantages,‭ ‬Chitika offers extremely high CTR and eCPMs and behaviorally Targets to Your Search Engine Traffic,‭ ‬as far as I've know this program offers a double your revenue program,‭ ‬sounds great isn't it‭?


rapiddownloadsquad said... @ December 13, 2008 at 2:15 AM

Bro tingnan mo inobx mo sa Xdownx :)

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