Hello guys are you wondering why i make this article? To tell you honestly this tips can give an idea for those people who are members of many forums arround the net, if you are a Forum uploader for the category of Movies, Adult Videos and many more, this tips can help you a lot because this can guide you on how to make a great quality screen cap of the movies or videos you are going to post.

Just follow my simple instructions;

Step 1. Download and install Image Grabber II.

Step 2. After you install open your image grabber located at Start menu, Program files> Image Grabber II.

Step 3. Open the video file that you want to make an screencaps.

Step 4. Click the monitor icon, then set the number frames to extract, Then press "OK"

Step 5. Now you can see the Screen Cap Preview.

6. Now Click File>Save.

Step 7. Then Hit "OK"

Step 8. Now you see you screen cap like this?

step 9. The lastly you can upload your screen cap to different trusted sites here is it.


Thanks and enjoy making Screen Cap!

If encountered any problem feel free to send an email to me : sammyfeliciano88@yahoo.com


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