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I have something to tell you guyz, i made an articles on how to become verified paypal users, yup this is true, you know guys i am also one of them, i am verified users since August 2008, and i feel very happy when i transfer my paypal money to my union bank debit card or the one they call as(EON Cyber Debit Card) and get withdraw to a Automated teller machine (ATM)

Do you want to know How?

Take note: If you are already a verified paypal user pls. disregard to read this article.

Step 1: For those don't have yet a paypal id, you can register on their website as a individual or personnal account choose country Philippines.

You can go here http://www.paypal.com

Step 2. Now if you have finish creating personnal account, you have a limitations based on their rules.

what is thier limitations?

You only have 100 dollars sending and withdrawing limit - This means you are not a verified user,

To remove the limitations and to get verified just read step 3.

Step 3. Go to your nearest union bank branch, ask them that you need an application for EOn Cyber account, this is what you are going use to get verified your paypal personal account.

Step 4. Fill up all necessary informations and after submit the form to Unionbank Staff. do not submit your Application form to their janitor becuase they will use it on the restroom whey doing poofs(hehe just kidding)
Step 5. Wait after 1 - 2weeks for the processing to get your Cybercard, but me i only wait 1 week, then after waiting 2 weeks call your union bank branch for follow up your account, if your account is already okey claim your Cybercard or Eon Cyber Debit Card from their Branch.

Step 6. You need to deposit at least P 200.00 pesos to your Bank Account.

Step 7. Logon now to you paypal account and add your debit card details on the ADD Credit card or Debit Card Section after that you have to wait 2 working days for processing.

Step 8. Now make a call to their Unionbank Customer Service tel. number 841-8600 and ask them if the your 4 digit paypal code are already reflect to you statement of account, if reflected get 4 digit paypal code.

Step 9. After that logon now to http://www.paypal.com, and input your 4 digit paypal code to the LINK YOUR CARD sections. A message will appear that you are now a verified paypal user.

After that wow you are already done you are now a VERIFIED PAYPAL ACCOUNT USER.

To Know More info just visit their Mebsite : www.unionbankph.com

Thats all enjoy guys.

To show that i am real Verified Paypal Users heres the Proof:


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