Hello there, I made an article which i can share my tips on how to disable your Windows Xp Logo key without editing your Registry. This tips can also help some owners of internet cafe all over the world. Actually this is not a new software developed this year but really helpful to me.

Why? because some of Cafe Rentals Software were they using don't have built in window Logo Key Disabler, That is why some of Bad attitudes customers can BYPASS your Rental Software. for ex. if the customers have laps or finished the number of hours that they rented, if they know how to bypass your system using a simple windows key logo on your keyboard, they can start surfing again using IE(i hope did you get my point) as my experience.

So Here is it.

I use this kind of third party software which is free or freeware, this software is so simple and very handy, i use software a couple of years ago because my company doesn't use to upgrade our PC Rental Software.

here is my actual screen shot:

All you need is to Check Disable the Windwos Key Logo, And Click Apply.
Yup very simple right, no need to logoff you PC to take effect.
To Download: CLICK HERE

Thanks Enjoy.


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