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I have tips for you dear viewer, this tips is only for those Rapidshare users, this is an example based on my experience on how to collect thousand of rapidshare points a day without using of any third party software.

Note: Pls do not Believe with other opinions that are posted on other website, Forum and etc... because it isn't true.


- Very simple just follow my instructions carefully;

If you had already and Rapidshare Collectors Account that's great but if not? Go to http://www.rapidshare.com/ and create a rapidshare collectors account.

Now here is the first step:

Step 1: Register to different forum around world wide web, then download their post to get a copy and save it your hard drive in short (Leech & Seed).

Here's some forum where you can find a lot of stuff:


Now what type of post or i mean what type of file are you going to collect and download? Read Step 2

Step 2: NOW here my tips, download all type of dirty magazines(pdf or jpeg format), Porn videos(avi.mpg.mpeg,.mov,3gp format), Hetai magazines(jpg or pdf format). Then

Step 3: Upload all the files or videos to your Rapidshare Collectors account, why ? because this kind of files gives you huge numbers of download by a free user or by premium user also can give you points.

Step 4: Lastly After you finish uploading, find any forum or IPbord wesite and also make a blog, then post it on their Adult Section.

The Maximum number of your post is the maximum points you can earn.

Believe me guys this 100.9 percent true.

To show the proof i have here an attachment which i earned thousand of post in just4 days believe it.

If you have any questions or any tips you want learn just send a mail to: sammyfeliciano88@yahoo.com

Happy Collecting points....


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