Hey guys are frustrated by always displaying Balloon Tips on your taskbar, now heres my tips on how to disable Balloon Tips, using tools released by microsoft. They called it XP Power toys I know that you are familiar with this application and it has a lot of helpful features.

Step 1: Intall TweakUIPowertoysSetup.exe, you download it HERE

Step 2: After installations, Go to Start>menu>program> Powertoys for XP>Tweak ui

Step 3: After That on the left side of TweakUI Menu Choose Taskbar and Start Menu, and then Uncheck Enable Balloon Tips.

And The lastly Click Apply and the Click OK

Now you can see no more balloon tips appeared on you taskbar.

You can explore also the ability or feature of Tweak UI, I think it has many tools can help in your every need.

Thanks and Enjoy


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Sammy Feliciano