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This is new for me, one my friend told me to use this Free DNS Services, they called it OPEN DNS, you know guys first try i use this type of DNS (Domain Name System) I am definitely satisfied this kind of stuff, why because it makes my internet faster, safer, smarter and more reliable and most of all it is really free guys, nothing to spend money to have it.

One the best thing that can really help me is i can surf all over the internet, and i can visit any kind of website without any hussle, Before without using this Free services I encountered headache with my ISP Provider my Internet Browsing is really slow and i coudn't visit some website it always displayed with me "PAGE CANNOT BE DISPLAYED" but i know the website I going to visit is 100% working. One day i make a call on Technical Support Representive of my isp they cannot help me to solve that problem. But thanks to OPEN DNS it open the door to surf in the world of WOrld Wide Wed.

How to use?

Add this DSN SERVER on (Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties) or if i have already inputed your ISP dns server you can add this as an additional DNS Server

Name Server :

take a look at this:

When finish adding OPEN DNS you need to reboot you PC to take effect, now you can see improvements.

Believe me 100% you really satisfied.

Or you can visit thier Website @ www.opendns.com

Note: This stuff means doesn't boost your your download speed when downloading Big file ex. Movies, Game Client etc. But it can only helps you to boost your browsing speed or by displaying faster web pages.


Feel free to send an email to me if you have some questions: sammyfeliciano88@yahoo.com


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