Yahoo Messenger 9.0 release their open Beta version for Windows a " Bugs/glitches free" Yahoo Messenger 9.0 is now available for public downloads, with older version of yahoo messenger 8.1 they are now replace it by Version 9.0, with new brand set of skins and several features added in this new version. The installation is pretty much fast and hassle free as usual.

For more info see: Yahoo Messenger 9.0 Windows Version Features


As a Internet forum Moderator, i discovered that their is an easiest way to download a posted link wrap in code tags without doing your favorite copying and pasting the link to your Mozilla firefox address bar, I admit i'm a lover who loves freeware. that is why with this
Linkification 1.3.5 add-ons provided by mozilla it has an ability to converts all text links into genuine, clickable links, I think this will help a lot of our forum members to do thier work easier.

See an example below:

Directions to follow:

Step 1: Use the Linkification right-click context menu
Step 2: right-click the status bar icon and click "Options",
Step 3: OR click Tools->Extensions, and double-click the Linkification item.

That's all



Entrecard EC(Entrecard) Generator provided by www.TheGermz.com you can drop 250+ Ec(Entrecard) a day as breaking records of 15 minutes dropping EC a day this can help me to earn thousand of points worth of EC. Can you top that records? na ahhhhh that's not all dropping lots of EC(Entrecard Credits) a day will also help you a lot to increase more traffic on your blog, sounds great isn't it?

With their brand new batch system Script, with a single click of button 10 Blog sites that were using entrecard widget will load up easy without any hassle, i would suggest that you use Mozilla Firefox browser on you Pc, this website is tested by me 100% guaranteed satisfaction, And the best part of thier services is they made it for "FREE" no payments and no sign up processed required.

That's all thanks


This article will give you a Top 26 list of free file hosting websites, most sites on the list were do not require registration process, for further reference i also include a detailed description of file size, File limit and also the life span of your file.

List of Top 26 free file hosting website:


WEBSITE : http://www.megashares.com
File Size Limit: 1.5GB
Download Limit: Unlimited
Life span: 25 Days - Deleted only if there is no download activity in 25 days


WEBSITE: http://www.filefactory.com
File Size Limit: 1.5GB
Download Limit: 25 Downloads
Life span: 7 Days


WEBSITE: http://www.sendover.com
File Size Limit: 2GB
Download Limit: Unlimited
Life span: 7 Days (Deleted only if there is no download activity in 7 days)


WEBSITE: http://www.sendspace.com
File Size Limit: 1.2GB
Download Limit: download bandwidth limit of 100GB
Life span: 14 Days - Deleted only if there is no download activity in 14 days


WEBSITE: http://www.yousendit.com
File Size Limit: 1GB
Download Limit: 25 Downloads
Life span: 7 Days


WEBSITE: http://www.badongo.com
File Size Limit: 1GB
Download Limit: Unlimited
Life span: unlimited


WEBSITE: http://www.transferbigfiles.com
File Size Limit: 1GB
Download Limit: 20 Downloads
Life span: 5 Days

WEBSITE: http://www.mailbigfile.com
File Size Limit: 1GB
Download Limit: 3 Downloads
Life span: 7 Days


WEBSITE: http://www.easyfilehost.com
File Size Limit: 1GB
Download Limit: Unlimited
Life span: Unlimited


WEBSITE: http://up-file.com
File Size Limit: 1GB
Download Limit: Unlimited
Life span: Unlimited


WEBSITE: http://www.oxyshare.com
File Size Limit: 700MB
Download Limit: Unlimited
Life span: 30 Days - Deleted only if there is no download activity in 30 days


WEBSITE: http://www.zupload.com
File Size Limit: 500MB
Download Limit: Unlimited
Life span: 30 Days - Deleted only if there is no download activity in 30 days


WEBSITE: http://www.spread-it.com
File Size Limit: 500MB
Download Limit: Unlimited
Life span: 14 Days


WEBSITE: http://www.mooload.com
File Size Limit: 500MB
Download Limit: Unlimited
Life span: 30 Days - Deleted only if there is no download activity in 30 days


WEBSITE: http://www.cyberupload.com
File Size Limit: 500MB
Download Limit: Unlimited
Life Span: 7 Days - Deleted only if there is no download activity in 7 days


WEBSITE: http://www.uploading.com
File Size Limit: 500MB
Download Limit: Unlimited
Life Span: 30 Days - Deleted only if there is no download activity in 30 days


WEBSITE: http://www.snaggys.com
File Size Limit: 500MB
Download Limit: 999 Downloads
Life Span: 15 Days


WEBSITE: http://www.fupload.com
File Size Limit: 500MB
Download Limit: Unlimited
Life Span: 25 Days


WEBSITE: http://www.uploadready.com
File Size Limit: 500MB
Download Limit: Unlimited
Life Span: 30 Days - Deleted only if there is no download activity in 30 days


WEBSITE: http://www.bigupload.com
File Size Limit: 300MB
Download Limit: Unlimited
Life Span: 30 Days - Deleted only if there is no download activity in 30 days


WEBSITE : http://www.rapidupload.com
File Size Limit: 300MB
Download Limit: Unlimited
Life Span: 30 Days - Deleted only if there is no download activity in 30 days


WEBSITE: http://www.sharebigfile.com
File Size Limit: 300MB
Download Limit: Unlimited
Life Span : 21 Days


WEBSITE: http://www.megaupload.com
File Size Limit: 250MB
Download Limit: Unlimited
Life Span: 30 Days - Deleted only if there is no download activity in 30 days


WEBSITE : http://www.updownloadserver.de
File Size Limit: 250MB
Download Limit: Unlimited
Life Span: Unlimited


WEBSITE: http://www.xtrafile.com
File Size Limit: 250MB
Download Limit: Unlimited
Life Span: 15 Days - Deleted only if there is no download activity in 15 days


WEBSITE: http://www.rapidshare.com
File Size Limit: 200MB
Download Limit: Unlimited
Life Span: 30 Days - Deleted only if there is no download activity in 30 days


I made an article which i gave a "BIG THANKS" to a friend of mine whom i've met only in an Internet Forum or they called it "Message Board", to tell you honestly we never knew each other personally till now, we just knew each other by using our aliases , we do our communications by the use of PM in our Message Board, he doesn't only share's his knowledge, but he also became a good friend,his the best person i've ever met.

No need to mentioned his named because its too confidential, "Jack of all Trades" his motto in life, this person is really helpful at any time, He's always giving me a new tips on how to earn money by using my blog. on the day that he told me to create my own blog i've created mine.


Now my share for you dear reader's create a blog also with your own, and create an article which contains of latest Technology news, Website Reviews, Software Reviews, Tips & Tricks etc.. after that sign-up with different paying website on which you can earn money from them and experience the feelings in how to earn money online.

The FF are the list of paying sites



Good news guys as Microsoft Company announce a promise an Xbox 360 Hard Drive Updagre, if you are Xbox 360 owners without at least 256 MB memory card or hard drive don't worry guys Microsoft has you covered.

The company announced that it will soon unveil a storage solution to any Xbox 360 owners unable to free up 128 MB of storage space, which will be required once the New Xbox Experience launches next month.

let us see what happen on the next month.


After long hours of searching an old mp3 music using any kind of mp3 downloader likes, limewire, Bearshare etc. It is really hard to find old music, then i use to search using our friendly search engine GOOGLE, i found a website where i can do downloads all types of artist with their old songs without using any third party software, it really give me happiness at last ive found the things ive been looking for. That's why i made this article maybe this can help you also.

Have a try with this Website. http://mp3dl.co.cc/

And experience the power of one search MP3 audio search engine.



Want new Technology News?
Today, some 600 years after construction began on the 178-acre site that would become the center of unrivaled imperial power known as China’s Forbidden City, the Palace Museum and IBM will open the walled fortress - and hundreds of years of history and culture - to the world.

Three years in the making, IBM has built a virtual recreation of the architecture and artifacts of the former palace grounds, enabling online visitors to get a first-hand view into imperial China as embodied in the intricate design, history and storied culture of this newly accessible Forbidden City.

Originally, the Forbidden City was constructed to embody the idea of the emperor as the center of the universe with a series of dramatic courtyards and gates, buildings and landings underscoring a design built to reinforce security and power. This huge palace complex was completed in 1420, about twelve years after construction began, and contains hundreds of exquisite buildings and historic artifacts, and on October 10th, celebrates its 83rd anniversary as a museum and one of China’s major cultural attractions.

Now, using virtual world technology, visitors can experience the awe inspired by this vast and amazing space. Rather than experiencing its wonders in isolation, the virtual Forbidden City allows you to see and interact with other users and a range of helpful automated characters. As you explore the virtual Forbidden City, you can choose to simply observe the buzz of activity, or you can take tours and participate in activities that provide insights into important aspects of Qing culture.

IBM has dedicated more than a decade to creating successful cultural heritage projects, including the Vatican Library, the Pietà, Hermitage Museum, Eternal Egypt, and the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture.


Ziddu is the good place for free file hosting services and also you get paid for every time every single users downloads your videos, photos, audios, documents etc., actually i started sign-up on this website a 2 days ago because I'm to curious on what Ive heard in other forum about this website, so started uploading some of my movies, then I post all the links gave by Ziddu to other forums.

Ziddu has consist of different offers of like
- Invite, Make and Share the joy and files with your Friends
- Wish your loved ones with personalized Greetings
- Easy file management with multiple folder facility
Now users can browse & Use in Multiple Languages offered
A plethora of photo management tools such as 'Photo Album' and 'Slide Show' to share
Flexibility to create Video and Audio libraries to share!
Offers all free accounts! No Premium accounts
Apart from download, you can view / watch / listen online any uploaded file with Ziddu!
- And last but not the least
Accepts parallel downloads! no waiting time compare to rapidshare.

Take a look of my earnings below after how many days

According to ziddu to be able to withdraw your earned money, its required that you have a paypal account and also before you withdraw it required that you have minimun $10.00 total earnings to be able to transfer the money to your paypal.

So what are what are you waiting for : SIGN UP NOW


Good day guys,

I want to introduce my second blog entitled "
3GP ON DEMAND" Ive' made this blog a couple of weeks ago, and I put a lots of time and effort to make this blog. All of the 3gp Movies that i had been posted is originally converted by me into 3gp format.

A brief description of my blog

- This blog contains tons of 3gp movies from old movies up to present that fits at any types or brand of your mobile phone
- This blog has easy navigations of Genres you can choose, including Action, Horror, Comedy, Sci-Fi,Drama and last but not the least Adventure.
- Most especially, i made this for Free.

So what are you waiting for Download a Copy Now : WWW.3GP-ON-DEMAND.BLOGSPOT.COM

See you there!


God Bless


Are you wondering how to put your name on your Window Xp Taskbar, Yup this is possible!
After exploring windows xp for 8 months i found some place were do I can change AM and PM and replace with my name. This guide it very simple, just try this if you have spare time.

Here's my simple trick to add up your name in place of AM and PM beside time.

Step 1: Click Start ->

Step 2: Go to Control Pannel ->

Step 3: Double Click Regional and LAnguage option ->

Step 4: Click Customize (beside English US), then go to TIME tab

Step 5: Change AM symbol and PM symbol from AM and PM to your name i use my name Sammy

Step 6: And fior the last steps Click Apply

See my sample screen cap below:

Little tricky right? Hope you enjoy!


Hello guys are you wondering why i make this article? To tell you honestly this tips can give an idea for those people who are members of many forums arround the net, if you are a Forum uploader for the category of Movies, Adult Videos and many more, this tips can help you a lot because this can guide you on how to make a great quality screen cap of the movies or videos you are going to post.

Just follow my simple instructions;

Step 1. Download and install Image Grabber II.

Step 2. After you install open your image grabber located at Start menu, Program files> Image Grabber II.

Step 3. Open the video file that you want to make an screencaps.

Step 4. Click the monitor icon, then set the number frames to extract, Then press "OK"

Step 5. Now you can see the Screen Cap Preview.

6. Now Click File>Save.

Step 7. Then Hit "OK"

Step 8. Now you see you screen cap like this?

step 9. The lastly you can upload your screen cap to different trusted sites here is it.


Thanks and enjoy making Screen Cap!

If encountered any problem feel free to send an email to me : sammyfeliciano88@yahoo.com


Hey guys are frustrated by always displaying Balloon Tips on your taskbar, now heres my tips on how to disable Balloon Tips, using tools released by microsoft. They called it XP Power toys I know that you are familiar with this application and it has a lot of helpful features.

Step 1: Intall TweakUIPowertoysSetup.exe, you download it HERE

Step 2: After installations, Go to Start>menu>program> Powertoys for XP>Tweak ui

Step 3: After That on the left side of TweakUI Menu Choose Taskbar and Start Menu, and then Uncheck Enable Balloon Tips.

And The lastly Click Apply and the Click OK

Now you can see no more balloon tips appeared on you taskbar.

You can explore also the ability or feature of Tweak UI, I think it has many tools can help in your every need.

Thanks and Enjoy


Hey Guys,

This is new for me, one my friend told me to use this Free DNS Services, they called it OPEN DNS, you know guys first try i use this type of DNS (Domain Name System) I am definitely satisfied this kind of stuff, why because it makes my internet faster, safer, smarter and more reliable and most of all it is really free guys, nothing to spend money to have it.

One the best thing that can really help me is i can surf all over the internet, and i can visit any kind of website without any hussle, Before without using this Free services I encountered headache with my ISP Provider my Internet Browsing is really slow and i coudn't visit some website it always displayed with me "PAGE CANNOT BE DISPLAYED" but i know the website I going to visit is 100% working. One day i make a call on Technical Support Representive of my isp they cannot help me to solve that problem. But thanks to OPEN DNS it open the door to surf in the world of WOrld Wide Wed.

How to use?

Add this DSN SERVER on (Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties) or if i have already inputed your ISP dns server you can add this as an additional DNS Server

Name Server :

take a look at this:

When finish adding OPEN DNS you need to reboot you PC to take effect, now you can see improvements.

Believe me 100% you really satisfied.

Or you can visit thier Website @ www.opendns.com

Note: This stuff means doesn't boost your your download speed when downloading Big file ex. Movies, Game Client etc. But it can only helps you to boost your browsing speed or by displaying faster web pages.


Feel free to send an email to me if you have some questions: sammyfeliciano88@yahoo.com


Hi guys did you use your folder sharing on your network computer?, beware of anonymous users who can manipulate your system or even your folder that contains important file.

This tips can give you an extra security to protect your folder that contains important documents, even you share whole drive c: on your networks, this security can found built-in on your Windows XP Home Edition.

Note: Your User Account on your Windows must have a password(This is Required)

Now do the FF:

Step1. Right-click the folder that you want to make private and choose Properties, Then go to the "Sharing" tab and check the "Make this folder private" box.

See screen Caps

Step2. Click Apply then Click OK

Now anyone else can open you private folder on your networks.



Hello there, I made an article which i can share my tips on how to disable your Windows Xp Logo key without editing your Registry. This tips can also help some owners of internet cafe all over the world. Actually this is not a new software developed this year but really helpful to me.

Why? because some of Cafe Rentals Software were they using don't have built in window Logo Key Disabler, That is why some of Bad attitudes customers can BYPASS your Rental Software. for ex. if the customers have laps or finished the number of hours that they rented, if they know how to bypass your system using a simple windows key logo on your keyboard, they can start surfing again using IE(i hope did you get my point) as my experience.

So Here is it.

I use this kind of third party software which is free or freeware, this software is so simple and very handy, i use software a couple of years ago because my company doesn't use to upgrade our PC Rental Software.

here is my actual screen shot:

All you need is to Check Disable the Windwos Key Logo, And Click Apply.
Yup very simple right, no need to logoff you PC to take effect.
To Download: CLICK HERE

Thanks Enjoy.


Good day to all.

Guys check it out new upgraded versions of Mozilla Firefox 3.0.3, released on September 26, 2008, i also try this on my PC, yup it has many additional upgrade like Full Zoom, One - Click Bookmarking, Password Manager, Improved Performance, and a capability to make an instant Web Site ID. Compare on their previous released it fix many bug including a problem where users were unable to retrieve saved passwords or save new passwords on the previuos version that they use, i also experience that problem before. it gives me headache haha. but thanks for mozilla to fixed that kind of Bug.

Take a look of thier Firefox New release:

And to have a copy Pls click link Download NOW , To know step by step Installations GO HERE

But i stop using this Browser at this time because i shift to Google Chrome now, Because Google Chrome browser works very well on my PC and it works very fast.

Thanks and God Bless!


Good News Guys.

Introducing New Web Browser Release by Google, yup they have a new browser, this browser fresh release on last Few month on this year 2008, This is really powerful, easy to use and contain tons of features.

I am satisfy when i use this browser at first time, I'm really amaze why is this little browser works powerful.

Take a look of this picture:

Very Simple Browser that's make you happy and comfortable on this browser.

On my opinion & experience on this browser compare to Mozilla Firefox, Firefox is very heavy when i use on my pc, it make me harder to load many websites and sometime it make my PC Hung-UP.

So what are you waiting for Try Google Chrome Now . and give an opinion to others

Pls. read Google Chrome features:

-Google Chrome (BETA) for Windows
Google Chrome is a browser that
combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster,
safer, and easier.

-One box for everythingType in the address bar and get suggestions for both
search and web pages.
-Thumbnails of your top sitesAccess your favorite
pages instantly with lightning speed from any new tab.
-Shortcuts for your
appsGet desktop shortcuts to launch your favorite web applications.

Hope You Enjoy reading this article.
Thanks and More Power.


This articles guides you on how to view hidden files on your system, i think tips also compatible in any Microsoft Windows without using any third party sofware.

Now Pls follow this steps carefully.

Step 1. Double Click My Documents located on you Desktop

Step 2. Click Tools>Folder option(This is located on Standard Toolbars)

Step 3. Now After That Click The View Tab and Choose Show Hidden Files and Folder(Hide extesnsions for unknow file types & Hide protected operating system file(Recomended)
and uncheck this two Checkbox

The Outcome should looks like this

Step 4. Click Apply and the Click Ok

Now you are done very easy , you can view now all the hidden content on you windows.

Thanks and Enjoy


Hi there to all Filipino's

I have something to tell you guyz, i made an articles on how to become verified paypal users, yup this is true, you know guys i am also one of them, i am verified users since August 2008, and i feel very happy when i transfer my paypal money to my union bank debit card or the one they call as(EON Cyber Debit Card) and get withdraw to a Automated teller machine (ATM)

Do you want to know How?

Take note: If you are already a verified paypal user pls. disregard to read this article.

Step 1: For those don't have yet a paypal id, you can register on their website as a individual or personnal account choose country Philippines.

You can go here http://www.paypal.com

Step 2. Now if you have finish creating personnal account, you have a limitations based on their rules.

what is thier limitations?

You only have 100 dollars sending and withdrawing limit - This means you are not a verified user,

To remove the limitations and to get verified just read step 3.

Step 3. Go to your nearest union bank branch, ask them that you need an application for EOn Cyber account, this is what you are going use to get verified your paypal personal account.

Step 4. Fill up all necessary informations and after submit the form to Unionbank Staff. do not submit your Application form to their janitor becuase they will use it on the restroom whey doing poofs(hehe just kidding)
Step 5. Wait after 1 - 2weeks for the processing to get your Cybercard, but me i only wait 1 week, then after waiting 2 weeks call your union bank branch for follow up your account, if your account is already okey claim your Cybercard or Eon Cyber Debit Card from their Branch.

Step 6. You need to deposit at least P 200.00 pesos to your Bank Account.

Step 7. Logon now to you paypal account and add your debit card details on the ADD Credit card or Debit Card Section after that you have to wait 2 working days for processing.

Step 8. Now make a call to their Unionbank Customer Service tel. number 841-8600 and ask them if the your 4 digit paypal code are already reflect to you statement of account, if reflected get 4 digit paypal code.

Step 9. After that logon now to http://www.paypal.com, and input your 4 digit paypal code to the LINK YOUR CARD sections. A message will appear that you are now a verified paypal user.

After that wow you are already done you are now a VERIFIED PAYPAL ACCOUNT USER.

To Know More info just visit their Mebsite : www.unionbankph.com

Thats all enjoy guys.

To show that i am real Verified Paypal Users heres the Proof:


Hi There,

I have tips for you dear viewer, this tips is only for those Rapidshare users, this is an example based on my experience on how to collect thousand of rapidshare points a day without using of any third party software.

Note: Pls do not Believe with other opinions that are posted on other website, Forum and etc... because it isn't true.


- Very simple just follow my instructions carefully;

If you had already and Rapidshare Collectors Account that's great but if not? Go to http://www.rapidshare.com/ and create a rapidshare collectors account.

Now here is the first step:

Step 1: Register to different forum around world wide web, then download their post to get a copy and save it your hard drive in short (Leech & Seed).

Here's some forum where you can find a lot of stuff:


Now what type of post or i mean what type of file are you going to collect and download? Read Step 2

Step 2: NOW here my tips, download all type of dirty magazines(pdf or jpeg format), Porn videos(avi.mpg.mpeg,.mov,3gp format), Hetai magazines(jpg or pdf format). Then

Step 3: Upload all the files or videos to your Rapidshare Collectors account, why ? because this kind of files gives you huge numbers of download by a free user or by premium user also can give you points.

Step 4: Lastly After you finish uploading, find any forum or IPbord wesite and also make a blog, then post it on their Adult Section.

The Maximum number of your post is the maximum points you can earn.

Believe me guys this 100.9 percent true.

To show the proof i have here an attachment which i earned thousand of post in just4 days believe it.

If you have any questions or any tips you want learn just send a mail to: sammyfeliciano88@yahoo.com

Happy Collecting points....


Tips on how to add rapidshare premium account to your IDM or Internet Download with an easy steps to follow, this will help you to avoid login on their website every time you download a single link.

1. Step one open your IDM or Internet Download Manager.

2. Now Go & Click Option and a second window will appear like this;

3. Next go to Site Login, Click New

4. Now add you Rapidshare premium account, like this

5. After you finish input your RS Account ID click OK Button, Now your are done adding RS Premium Account, My sample looks like this.

Happy Downloading

If you having trouble by adding Rs Premium Account on your IDM, Feel free to email sammyfeliciano88@yahoo.com.

Sammy Feliciano